UFO False Positives Predicted Due to Meteor Shower

Though reporting agencies have recently been inundated with a string of UFO sightings that seem to defy explanation, the vast majority of UFO sightings appear to have a more mundane nature.  As exciting as these sightings can be, with the Perseid meteor showers a couple of days ago and the Taurid meteor shower coming up November 12th as earth moves into the debris field of comet 2p/Encke, a string of false UFO positives are expected to start springing up within the next few days.

These reports will generally read as follows:  At dusk, object fell leaving long tail behind it like comet.  As it descended, it curved gently once before disappearing.  The object was dull orange or fiery in color.

Additionally, objects can be seen as falling in a straight line or even soaring across the sky, but generally are pulled in by the gravitational force at a steep enough angle that they are only airborne and visible for a few seconds.

“Alien” UFOs, on the other hand, often reportedly dance and move, descending then ascending and rotating.  Though they are physically often similar in shape, color, and size, it is the actual movement of the object that really gives the impression that it is under intelligent control.  Of course any object that flies and is unidentified is technically a “UFO,” even if they have a natural explanation.  A “fleet” of UFOs can often be observed zooming down toward Earth repeatedly, but this could actually be a meteor shower (as is expected to happen on the 12th).

This is not to say that all UFO sightings until the meteor shower ends are expected to be a mistaken shooting star.  Several sightings have been pouring in every day from around the globe, but it’s important not to mistake a natural phenomena for evidence to be added to the volumes of UFO data.  Such a mistake could inadvertently damage the credibility of the witness, and the body reporting the data.  Of course every human is fallible, but UFO watching is like any type of observational art, and along with it a discerning eye must weed out hoaxes, whether they be perpetrated by scheming pranksters, or the very space our planet occupies.

Obviously an unidentified flying object that moves in semi-random patterns with no discernible external force being exerted on it is worth noting.  These objects often emit their own light as though the force obfuscating them is temporarily not working by some flaw or natural phenomena, or as though wishing to be seen.  Naturally any object that can be seen in detail, or that hovers for several seconds or even minutes before disappearing is worth taking note of.

And while you’re watching the skies, be sure to keep an eye out for the meteor showers as well.  A night of star gazing, thinking, and deep conversation can often be a fulfilling and enlightening experience.  And of course if you have any wishes you want granted, a meteor shower is the perfect place to look for a shooting star.