UFO Fetus Snatching

The following relates to a phenomenon that is frequently claimed in the UFO

field but no one ever mentions this natural event (at least I’ve not seen it

written about anywhere and tied to the UFO fetus snatching claims).

Years ago, when I was heavily involved with UFO studies as President of MUFON

Metroplex here in the Dallas area, we had Budd Hopkins, author and researcher

of many ‘missing time’ cases. It was an honor to meet Mr. Hopkins and we had

a chance to speak about several matters which had been puzzling me.

Knowing that he had written and spoken on ‘alien abductions’ of fetuses from

‘alien impregnated’ human females, I asked if he had heard of the biological

phenomenon of the ‘vanishing twin’ and informed him that it was a common

occurrence in animals such as cats and dogs which have large litters. Budd

said yes he was aware of the phenomenon but did not feel it necessary to bring

it to the attention of the public in his presentations or in his writing.

I found this intentional failure to provide all relevant information fairly

disturbing and it made me view Mr. Hopkins ideas with a somewhat more

skeptical eye than I had before. I believe that all evidence should be

presented, especially the factual, proven evidence, and let the public decide

for themselves. It not only FULLY informs everyone who is really interested

in the phenomenon but also builds the general credibility of the researcher in

an otherwise highly suspect field.


From Science Digest – December 1982

Twin Vanishes During Pregnancy

An expectant mother, diagnosed as carrying twins, inexplicably produces but a

single baby. The other child has disappeared without a trace. The

phenomenon, known in Europe as the “vanishing twin,” may be far more

commonplace than was ever suspected.

Vanishing twin episodes first came to light ONLY IN THE LAST FEW YEARS, when

ultrasound allowed doctors to peek into the womb and see MULTIPLE pregnancies

very early in gestation. What they began finding was that, with STARTLING

FREQUENCY, one member of a fetal pair suddenly stops developing IN THE FIRST

TRIMESTER and is reabsorbed into its mother’s tissue.

Obstetricians Louis Keith and Helain Landy of Northwestern University Medical

School have begun combing the literature and studying case histories to

determine the frequency of vanishing twin cases. Precise figures are hard to

come by; few women are examined ultrasonically early enough in pregnancy to

detect a second fetus before it has already been absorbed. Nevertheless,

Keith and Landy believe from their investigations that fully 10 to 20 percent

of all twins conceived may vanish during gestation.

Other researchers, notably biologist Salvatore Levi of Brugmann University

Hospital in Brussels, think the figures are much higher. In a study of

pregnant women, Levi found that of those carrying twins, a staggering 71

percent ultimately had a single infant.

Landy believes that through some unknown process, the mother’s system may

choose the hardier of two wombmates for survival and permit ONLY THAT ONE to

come to term.

Keith agrees, remarking, “In many of our reproductive functions, we are no

different from other animals except for the fact that we don’t have litters.

But maybe we DO have litters. Maybe human beings have multiple fertilizations

much more commonly than ever believed.” He adds, “I think the vanishing twin

is a biological phenomenon, period. I don’t see any way of preventing it.”

For that reason, Keith and Landy stress that physicians should learn to deal

compassionately with the potential trauma resulting from a vanished offspring.

“Obviously,” Landy notes, “for a woman to be told that she’s going to have

twins and then to find out that she’s not – or worse yet, to be told after

delivery that one of her expected twins never arrived – is quite an emotional

shock. It’s up to her doctor to help her adjust.”