UFO Filmed Over Texas Not What it Seemed

After the incredible mass sighting in New York, many people around the world have been watching the skies with unhindered anticipation.  But now with a new sighting in Texas, some have noted an incredible similarity between the formation seen in both areas.  Is it possible whatever visited Manhattan has moved to Texas?  Or is there a more natural explanation to this sighting?  The real explanation involves a cover-up, but not the kind we were expecting.

The FAA, perhaps attempting to diffuse the UFO mania sweeping the nation in the past few days announced retroactively that there had been flight maneuvers over El Paso, but many were skeptical of this explanation suggesting the objects involved in this sighting were not merely flying but even hovering in the skies before eventually disappearing.  into the night sky.  And while the FAA may not have been involved, the maneuvers certainly were secret – although not necessarily in the way we’re used to hearing in UFO circles.

In reality the sighting, which was fairly compelling in this case turned out to be a skydiving maneuver involving a well trained group of show skydivers practicing for an upcoming air show in El Paso, Texas.  The skydivers joined hands and then lit flares as they separated, appearing to fall as three separate objects out of one in the distance.  A fourth light was then spotted appearing from the formation as one skydiver’s flare malfunctioned.  In time the four objects stopped falling and hovered as the parachutes were deployed.  After this point the lights were extinguished as the skydivers deployed their parachutes.

And while this story is not inherently evidence of the paranormal, it was the reactions of several skeptics that made this story certainly more newsworthy.  “It’s obviously a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere” one forum poster claimed, then denouncing all UFO claims as simply ridiculous and crazy.  Another suggested the sighting to be a crashing plane that was breaking up into several equidistant pieces.

And while it is easy to point the finger after something has been proven wrong and call attention to fallacies, the purpose of illustrating these skeptical claims is by no means to do that.  But there is a very real difference between skepticism over a temporarily unexplainable event.  Those saying the objects were meteorites or crashing planes were just as mistaken in this case as those claiming the lights were alien craft according to the official explanation.  In this way the perception of authority perhaps should be revisited as there are some events which cannot be so simply or conventionally explained.  Not a single explanation proposed involved skydivers.  As Sherlock Holmes so famously put it in his several stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable- must be the truth.  Doyle himself, though a believer in the paranormal used this formula with anecdotal success throughout his career.