UFO Found on Google Earth Over a Chinese City

 A sharp eyed individual spotted an intriguing image.  This image is of what looks like a possible UFO darting above rooftops over the city of Shenzhen, China.  This image looks like there is a tail following a metallic flying saucer.

Is this an extraterrestrial object?  In the past years, China has had UFO sightings almost every week.

Outside the United States, no nation knows more about UFO and extraterrestrial affairs than China.  A recent decision was made by an ultra secretive agency that was set up by the State Council to coordinate  extraterrestrial affairs on behalf of The Peoples Republic of China.

It was decided after a ten year period of research that under no circumstance will the Chinese Government reveal any knowledge of UFO and extraterrestrial affairs.  There was a secret meeting held on the grounds of China’s highly restricted Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center (BACCC).  Members of the agency concluded that the public is decades away from being able to cope with knowledge of extraterrestrial civilizations and UFO knowledge.

China’s cover up is a highly complicated affair.  It consists of thirty agencies and research institutes around the country as well as a dozens of regional astronomical stations.