UFO Hacker Hacks Government Computers And Discloses UFO Information

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Gary McKinnon from the United Kingdom is awaiting his court date which may lead up-to a 70 year prison sentence for hacking into Governmental Networks.  Gary recently participated in an interview conducted by the BBC and has a different story to tell.  Not only is hacking discussed, but UFO’s, Coverups, and Anti-gravity are mentioned.  Could Gary McKinnon have really accessed top secret UFO Information?

According to Gary, hacking is a hobby.  He has been hacking from 1995 to 2002. According to Gary, there were other intruders hacking into the Governmental websites on constant bases.  IP addresses from China, Korea, and others were seen, but for some reason, Gary was singled out and apprehended.

In the BBC interview, Gary McKinnon claims he witnessed NASA personnel air-brushing UFO’s out of Space Photos.  He managed to find statements that support the idea that anti-gravity technology has been used on Earth, but not by any known group. He has ran across mention of Ships that are not listed to the public, and a list of NON-Terrestrial officers.

The audio interview is currently available on page 2 of this article:  http://channels.lockergnome.com/political/archives/20050726_world

Several other web based sources including the original BBC article have been taken off the web (judged from broken links)  Be sure to listen while you have the chance.