UFO Hides in Clouds in Rocklin, Ca

The object sounds eerily similar to the Moscow ring from 2009.A witness in Rocklin, California was astounded when suddenly an object from the sky started streaking across the sky in an erratic formation in the clouds.  At first wondering if it could be a spotlight, the witness looked closer and decided he would have to get in his vehicle to get a clear picture of what it could be.  The trip the witness would take driving around trying to get a clear picture of the object would eventually lead him to conclude that the object was not of this Earth.

The witness, who submitted his report mere hours ago to the Mutual UFO Network, first noticed the object when he was outside his house looking at the sky.  When the strange light suddenly broke across the sky he wondered if he was witnessing something terrestrial or not.  And as he got in his vehicle to drive out to see the object, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was a spotlight.  The light was a dull green color and had roughly a disc-like shape to it that seemed to be emitting light directly from the clouds themselves.  The witness was unaware of any spotlight in the area and was sure that he would have known if anything extraordinary had been carted into town for whatever reason.  As he drove around he looked closely at the object and concluded that it was like nothing he had ever seen before.  The strange eerie green color the object had certainly didn’t do anything to dissuade him from his assertion that it could be an extraterrestrial craft.

But there was more to the sighting than just that.  As he drove out in his truck in the hopes that perhaps he could spot where a spotlight could be emitting its beam on the clouds he could find no such place.  And no matter where he looked, he couldn’t spot anything indicating a light beam from the ground hitting the clouds.  A spotlight looks unmistakable.  And from the few moments you spot one up until you finally determine its origin on the ground is usually only a few seconds.  It’s immediately apparent from its rhythmic movements that it must be from a spotlight.

I once had a close encounter personally with a spotlight and was astounded for only a few seconds before I noticed that the beam of light impacting the clouds was present and it was a spotlight placed in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.  But the witness says there was no reason for anything like this in his town.  The dull appearance also suggests it may have been something emitting the light from behind the clouds along with the erratic movements within that suggested something moving all over the sky, perhaps to evade being seen by witnesses on the ground.

After searching for any potential source on the ground, the witness ended his journey and returned home, still quite perplexed by the strange object in the clouds that he couldn’t quite explain.