UFO History of Michigan: Scorpion Aircraft

When aircraft mysteriously disappear without a trace, one of the theories that occasionally emerges as to their whereabouts centers on UFOs. In this article, you will encounter the thoughts surrounding the loss of the Scorpion Aircraft. Did they encounter a UFO as it traveled over Lake Superior?

What Happened to the Scorpion Aircraft?

Michigan is a state known for its UFO cases. One of the most well known involves the Scorpion Aircraft, which resulted in the loss of the pilot Lieutenant Felix Moncla, Jr. and the radar operator, 2nd Lieutenant R. Wilson. The case is also called the Kinross Incident.

It was November 23, 1953 when an Air Defense Command Ground Intercept radar controller at Truax AFB detected an unknown target in the skies. An F-89C Scorpion jet was sent out from Kinross Field to investigate. Traveling at 500 mph, the jet followed the UFO. However, the unidentified flying object quickly changed its course. The pilot had trouble tracking the UFO on the radar, therefore had to rely on help from ground control to show him where the object was heading. The jet followed the UFO for 30 minutes and finally started to close in on the object. They were now flying over Lake Superior.

Ground control reported that the Scorpion Aircraft flew so close to the target that they merged as one blip on the radar. Those watching the progress of the blips thought that the Scorpion had flown over or under the UFO. They waited for the one blip to turn into two. However, this did not occur. The operator noted that there was no radar return at all. They sent messages to the Scorpion, but no one returned an answer. At this point, ground control sent an emergency message to Search and Rescue. The last position that they had for the Scorpion was off of Keweenaw Point. The Search and Rescue team went out to locate Moncla and Wilson and was unable to retrieve the crew.

It was thought that the pilot suffered from vertigo and possibly crashed into the lake. People started to come up with their own explanations, but there was no evidence to back up their theories. Someone thought that the Scorpion could have exploded in mid-air, but this would not explain what happened to the UFO. Others believed that the two objects could have collided with one another. The incident remains a mystery.

Found or Hoax?

In 2006, new evidence emerged about the UFO case when a company based in Michigan (called the Great Lakes Dive Company) made an announcement that they had uncovered the wreckage of the missing F-89 Scorpion interceptor, as well as another unknown object on the bottom of Lake Superior. However, in 2007, the website associated with the Great Lakes Dive Company went offline, and no one was able to get in contact with Adam Jimenez. This leaves those interested in the story wondering if the supposed “find” was a hoax or what was supposedly uncovered kept a secret for a specific purpose.