UFO Hook Hampshire UK

On a June evening in the summer of 1990 I was riding home to my house from a friends house, where I had been watching movies for the evening, it was about 11PM and I only had about a 4 or 5 minute journey home, the surrounding area was mostly housing estates, not the usual surroundings for a UFO encounter.

Half way through my journey, I came to a T junction, no cars where on the road at the time, when I all of a sudden felt rather strange, like when you think someone is watching you. I looked up to see a large disk shaped object hovering over me, around 60 to 70 foot in the air, it was around 50 foot in diameter, it was silent except for a very low sounding hum, a little like a power station hum. The craft was circular with a ball in the centre, that seemed to be glowing orange like the cherry of a cigarette, the circular space outside of the glowing ball was like a black metal, kind of a dark purple silver. There was also a smell that reminded me of electronics class at school, it was of a sulphur type of smell, like when you are using a soldering iron.

I am not sure exactly the amount of time I stood there for until I turned to see a man had come out of his home, maybe about 20 seconds since first seeing it, he was standing on his doorstep looking much the same as I was, staring up at the craft in amazement, although the craft was directly over my head, I did not feel scared at the time, I was to confused as to what I was looking at to feel anything. After what must have been about 30 more seconds to a minute, it slowly and silently ascended upwards around another 100 or so foot, then moved forwards towards the north of me for about 50 yards, hovered for a few seconds, and then shot of to my right, which was the direction of RAF Odiham around 8 miles away, the craft moved so fast that it looked like it just vanished in thin air, but you could just make out that it moved off in a certain direction, the only sound it made was a slight whooshing sound, as if it had disturbed the air as it sped through the atmosphere.

I looked back at the man on his doorstep, and he was looking at me in a confused manner, I then started to feel a little worried in case it came back, and continued on my journey home, I got home in a very excited state at what I had seen, my parents I think thought I had gone loopy, I calmed down somewhat and went to bed as I had school the following day, that night I started to feel very unnerved, as I was starting to think could it ever come back?.

The following day I got up tired, because of lack of sleep, and went to catch my school bus, which was only a few yards from where I saw the craft, while waiting I went and knocked on the mans door who had also seen it, because I was desperate to find out what he had thought it was, his wife (I think) answered the door, I asked if her husband was in and she asked why, and I said because I wanted to know what he thought about that strange thing last night, and she became agitated and told me not to speak such silly nonsense, then as she was closing the door I saw the man with shaving foam all over his face, but the women closed the door, so I never got to find out what he thought about the experience.

I often wonder if anyone else had seen it from there window, maybe not though, as it was very silent (If anyone did please Email me, I would love to hear from you, it happened by the Hook bypass [email protected]).

I am not sure what it was, maybe a secret military craft, or maybe an alien craft, but I really don’t believe that with our modern technology, that we could build something so perfect as what I saw that night. I did not imagine it either, as the man definitely saw it too, and the day after the women at the house acted as if her husband (or boy friend) had told her about it based on her reaction.