UFO Hunting 101: The Basics

As more people take a proactive approach to their relationship with the mysterious elements of the universe, just as ghost hunting has become an emerging art, so too has hunting for UFOs become something people have started doing.  As the UFO phenomenon seems to be at an all time high as far as sightings go, the incredible mysteries of the universe are being witnessed by people in lawn chairs who dared to scan the skies.  So how can you start your own UFO hunting group?

One of the advantages of UFO hunting over ghost hunting is that it requires very little in the way of movement and expertise.  While ghost hunting has developed a number of tools designed to scan an area and report back on the presence of the paranormal, when it comes to UFO hunting often witnesses are armed only with their own two eyes and possibly a camera.

First, keep in mind that although you’re looking for UFOs you may not see anything.  Bring something to do while your group is looking at the sky.  While you don’t have to stay out all night, a number of sightings may have happened in your area  recently.  But even these usually go unreported.  Just because your area isn’t in the grips of a major UFO flap doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to come away from the hunt empty handed.  In fact, many people reportedly have tremendous success in areas where little activity was reported before.

But if you’re hunting for UFOs you’ll want to have something to record the evidence.  Keep in mind the usual tips for photographing unidentified aerial phenomena.  Put your camera either on a secure dedicated tripod or lean it on a solid object while recording it to make sure it isn’t shaky.  Even an experienced photographer might lose their ability to hold their hands steady if they came face to face with something that seemed out of this world.  The same goes for video cameras as well.  And having multiple video cameras may be desirable.

The next method is a controversial one.  Often witnesses report success with making contact with alien beings when they shine flashlights, laser pointers, and other means of contact into the night sky.  But this is often considered unwise as more than a few alien abduction stories have happened as a result of witnesses shining flashlights and other devices into the sky.  If you want your UFO hunt to gather evidence from a distance, it might be a good idea to leave the high power spotlights at home.

And finally choosing a location will be important.  Anywhere will do, but you likely will want a place with as little light pollution as possible.  Near observatories, fields, and camp sites are usually perfect for this sort of thing.  And if you think you’re about to make first contact, be sure you know exactly what you’ll be saying to represent the human race.