UFO Hunting as a Casual Hobby

Most UFO stories are events that catch the witness unaware.  They’re casually driving along a darkened stretch of road – often alone, but sometimes with friends – when something strange appears in the sky that they simply cannot explain.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a distant light that defies explanation.  But sometimes it’s something a bit more dramatic.  Some people have taken up the hobby of searching the skies for UFOs themselves, but what are some tips from those who have taken up UFO watching?

To see a UFO is simple, and accounts have ranged all over the world in both urban and rural environments describing objects everywhere from the middle of nowhere to right outside a witness’ window.  The primary component of the UFO hunt is the ability to see the sky, but a successful casual UFO hunt wouldn’t be the same if it was just sitting at a window looking out into a day-lit sky.  There needs to be another component to it, something that adds to the experience to make it ultimately successful.  A casual ufo hunt is as much for the experience itself as the desire to see something unusual in the sky.

First, it’s important to establish to those present what your intentions are while you’re on the hunt.  Different people will want different degrees of authenticity in their event.  Some may wish to bring along cameras to spot objects in the sky while others are interested only in their own personal experience of watching to see if something will appear.

If your intention is to gather evidence, be sure to pick a spot with a wide view of the sky and “reference points” allowing you to chart the speed and relative size and distance of objects as they pass overhead.  Make sure you have permission to be wherever you go – additionally be sure you have permission to film where you’re going to ensure your hunt is fun and uninterrupted.

Safety, just as with ghost hunts, is equally important with UFO hunts.  But unlike the more active ghost hunt, searching the skies for UFOs is less location oriented – meaning your own back yard can be as promising a spot as anywhere.  A simple walk around the block is easy enough to set up, though you might want to leave the tripod home if that’s the case.  As always, it’s important to exercise your better judgment.

Additionally, you may want to have a UFO hunt accompany another activity such as astronomy or story telling.  Taking a telescope out and looking at the stars themselves may provide you with a fun learning experience and something to share even if the unidentified flying objects aren’t present.

And finally, a note that many UFO hunters can say from experience.  If you’re going out to look for UFOs and you’ve found a perfect spot, be sure to dress comfortably for the weather.  If rain seems possible, be sure to bring an umbrella.  UFO hunting in a way can be similar to hiking or camping in what you need to bring along – depending on the environment you’re in.

Finally, if you do see something, be sure to get some footage of it.  Who knows?  You may just capture something incredible.