UFO In New Haven, CT- UFO Pictured Under Q-Bridge

UFO Photographed in New Haven, CT

This photo was taken my ME on June 24th, 2004. I was driving on Water Street near the Quinnipiac Bridge, Just about to cross the small blue bridge but I got caught waiting for the bridge to open to let boats pass.

It is a pretty dead spot.  It is right in the Industrial sections of New Haven, and the whole Area is Oil Refineries and Such.  As I waited for the rotating Bridge to complete it’s opening, I decided to grab the Kodak 4800 and snap some pics.  I didn’t notice any planes, helicopters, or birds atall. 

I snapped about 20 pictures of the sky, river, bridge and other surrounds.  I didn’t notice anything unusual or provacative before I examined the pictures.

As Usual, I procrastinated on downloading the images till today.  To my suprise, I think I may have photograpghed a UFO.  This is the true image, Un-touched. 

Im quite sure it’s not a bird, not a plane, and there was definitly NO Helicopters around.  The object wasn’t visible to the naked eye “as far as I can tell” and made no noise.