UFO Interview With 3 Star General Bill

 NOTE!! This is not the time for cowards as the people here seem to be. They profess to want the public to know the truth but they will not put their name to their testimony. COWARDS!!! The public does not believe or accept anonymous stories. If this is real it confirms much of what I have stated. It is not signed though and I caution you not to accept readily what no one will take credit for. Even though it backs me up you must be cautious. Honorable men stand up and are counted. I suspect that this is a creation of Don Ecker as he is well known for interviewing people who will not sign their name. I am sure that eventually he will produce more unsigned interviews as that has sort of become his personal style.

Bill Cooper

age #16442 “ParaNet UFO”

Date: 06-Apr-90 00:12

From: Don Ecker

To: All

Subj: 3 Star Interview

To all ParaNet Members; When I uploaded the CARP.UFO report several weeks ago, I mentioned another report that I had received. The CARP.UFO report was an unsigned document, no signature, and no return address. As I stated in reference to that, I gave no credence to the report because of the manner that I received sent it, and am still waiting to hear back from his group. The file is an alledged interview between two men, the interviewer is under a pseudonym of Bill. The interviewee is supposed to be a retired Three Star General that undertook a favor to “Bill” to check into the UFO question. The man I spoke to is the director of this group, and even though he was aware of who I am, and the reason for my questions, he refused to put me in touch with either of the other two gentlemen “until they checked me out.” I am still waiting to hear from them.

Because of some of the subject matter in the report, I had a feeling that there was quite a bit of information in this report that had been deleted. According to the director I was right. He told me that “Bill” was a still active duty Full Colonel and that 3 Star was at one time Bill and his commanding officer. The deleted information is supposed to contain some very disturbing information that deals with mutilations, both animal and human, and a large number of abducted and missing children and young adults. According to the director of this group there were about 20 to 25 pages of deleted material. Also seen but of course as is usual, a number of photos that 3 Star was able to get at one point.

I would rate this report as highly strange, but at this point unverifiable. At any rate here is the report and any suggestions from the members are most certainly welcome. I will use Bill for the interviewer and 3* for the interviewee.

Don Ecker



Bill> Have you read the book “The Roswell Incident”?

3*> Yes I have.

Bill> What did you think of the book and just how true is it?

3*> Bill, as I promised you, I used my contacts and several favors due me over the years and I found out extremely sensitive information which absolutely verify the information as stated in the Roswell Incident. The book intrigued me as I read it. At first, I felt the facts or should I say information in the book were there just to sell it and make our Govt. out to be the bad guy…as so many books do today. However, the public has been lied to for over 40 years. This bothers me a great deal. But decisions were made decades ago. The situation in my opinion, is totally out of hand.

Bill> You look concerned and sound irritated. What is wrong?

3*> Around 4 months ago I called in several favors. I was given documents, allowed to view video tape, given photographs, base locations and I was even asked to participate in the “Awareness Program”…which is to disseminate Alien contact to the public. I turned down the offer. When I did I was sort of an outcast and I found friends of 30 years had no time for me. I soon was limited to all forms of information. Hell, every time I requested anything through normal channels it was either lost or delayed for “higher approval”. This was normal everyday decisions, which wer NEVER questioned before. I gave over –30–years of faithful and loyal service to this great country of ours. Who in the hell do those political bastards think they are anyway?

Bill> I don’t know what to say. I feel that because I asked for the inquiry, you got into trouble. I really feel bad. I know you didn’t get where you are today by taking it easy. Did you retire?

3*> You are not responsible! I kind-of knew what I might get myself into. I always had my suspicionss and I to heard the rumors about alien spacecraft that crashed, bodies found, alien craft shot down, UFO evidence stored in special buildings on certain military bases. I just never really took it seriously. I know it is true. I have seen the evidence, I have seen the alien craft, the frozen bodies from the Roswell site and I have seen on video tape, the live alien which is a guest of the U. S. Govt. To answer your last question, yes I did retire.

Bill> Could you give some specific information on the Aliens, what they want, the govt. involvement, the reason why we have not officially been told about alien involvement in our society and why all of the many “strange” things or happenings associated with UFO sightings and people-contact with aliens?

3*> There have been several crashes of UFOs over the years. From all documentation and information available that I have seen with my own eyes as well as the physical evidence, this is in answer to your questions.

1. The aliens really do not have any sort of invasion planned for this planet. Aliens have visited this planet off and on for thousands of years. Our U.S. guest is over 300 years old. There are both “good and bad” aliens just as there are good and bad humans. They are not all that different from us. The aliens utilize around 55% of their brain capacity or ability. The aliens do have DNA, just like we do. The alien which is the guest of the U.S. Govt. is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weights 96 pounds. Large head (no hair) large slanted eyes. Some of the aliens’ abilities include moderate telepathy and telekinisis. The purpose of alien visitation to this planet is one of curiosity and scientific research. Not world domination as some would have you believe. Cattle and humans have been used in alien and U.S. research for various biological applications. Most humans are not hurt in this research and experimentation. Some however, have died due to complications and down-right carelessness. Several cross-breed “young” have been born to both human females and alien females. We as humans are fully biological compatible with most visiting aliens. Some we are not. More that one type or species of alien has visited this planet. They are listed by category…this information I could not retrieve.

2. The U. S. Govt. and the British have made secret treaty agreements with the aliens in exchange for technology and so-called recon missions during times of human conflict. The aliens have basically agreed not to concern themselves with the wars or conflicts of humans. Not to interfere in society. Let the Govts. rule and decide. Exactly what the aliens get in return was not exactly made clear or available. Also, there are special teams which eradicate, discredit, harass and turmp-up charges to control humans which experience any visitations from aliens, or make verifiable UFO sightings. This is one of the reasons I retired. It’s too much for any govt. to impose upon the civilian population like this.

3. Many of the strange happenings which people experience with UFO sightings can be one of two things. First, simply an overactive and wishful imagination. Second and foremost is the influence of the vast mental power of the alien visitors. In the reports and experiments conducted with live aliens, they have an incredible power of telepathic suggestion. Combine this with their telekentic abilities and just about anyone can be somewhat directed to do or think just about anything. Did I cover all of your questions?

Bill> One more and you’ll be done. Why all the secrecy from day one about the alien contact, the Roswell Incident, UFOs etc.?

3*> The Roswell Incident happened at a very hectic time . World problems and domestic matters drew priority. Make no mistake, Pres. Truman and later Pres. Eisenhower gave specific direct orders to keep everything and I mean everything top secret. At that time, all alien (known as EBE) information became departmentalized and dispersed on a need to know only basis. I as well as others heard rumors and pursued our career with no further thought to the matter. Also consider the fact that even with today’s high technology we still don’t know all of the propulsion system, craft manufacture and so forth. The most recent information that I did manage to receive before I was cut off is that the alien craft has more-or-less been copied by top scientific experts and is functional. The “special group” assigned to oversee the alien situation and other govt. VIPs agree to gather all of the technology possible and put it to use for the benefit of the USA. I really wonder what other motives are there. One very important thought about reasons for secrecy are common religious values and beliefs. Most of the world religions (especially in the US) would tumble. This in turn would cause panic and chaos. Something not wanted or needed in any time. Look at the big lie the Federal Govt. has created, promoted swore to and fed to the public over the past 42 years. Even the Presidents of the US from 1947 to present day has lied about this situation. Talk about a cover up? If this information would ever get out, many people from the President down would be removed from office. Many would go to jail in one form or another. My information led me to other more graphic reasons that I really don’t want to discuss. This whole situation is fantastic enough and the implications are endless. The “awareness program” that I mentioned earlier was designed to inform the public about alien contact, landings, crashes, the Roswell Incident, UFOs and the govt. All of this is filtered to the public in a systematic, logical way. This is coupled with the increased alien-human abductions and contacts. This is a joint govt. And alien program. If done correctly, there will be extremely little or no panic and no resistance. The world govts. will retain control and chaos is avoided.

Bill> Thank y ou very much for your time and this timely information.

3*> Now that I have found this information out, I wonder about everything I could not access or was prevented from learning when I turned down the position on the “awareness program”?

Bill> I know that I am pushing it a bit here but could you go into some of the topics that seem to be eating away at you?

3*> Lets take a break from this interview for now. Its after 11:00 PM and I’m tired. I’ll give you a call in a few days and we will go from there.

Bill> It sounds good to me too. I’ve got a lot of work to do in the morning so I better call it quits for now.


Message #16715 “ParaNet UFO”

Date: 07-Apr-90 21:43

From: Don Ecker

To: All

Subj: Part II

This is the second and final installment of the purported interview with a retired 3 Star General, being interviewed by what was described to me as a still active duty Full Colonel interested in the subject of UFOs. Now prior to continuing with this, allow me to make an observation. Since I uploaded part one of this file, and with the upload of the previous file –CARP.UFO–I have received several files. I will answer like this. First, I do not believe that any of us here have a really good and solid idea of just what is happening in the bizarre world of UFOs. Since I have started to explore this thing several years ago, believe me when I tell you that I have experienced most of the angles of this subject.

Everything from the Space-Brothers are here to save us from ourselves, tales of ET love affairs with the likes of the ledgendary Semjase (now that is one ET I would LOVE to meet!) to tales of “Their here eating us!!” to the Leader of the free world selling drugs to support MJ-12!!!! What this all boils down to is a hell of alot of rhetoric and damn little proof. Oh, there is some proof to be sure, ie mutilated cows, (you ain’t lived till you have been up to your elbows in one) scars on alledged abductee’s (one gentleman told me that he turned gay after his 16th birthday because of repeated abductions. He was tired of being forced to copulate with alien females) landing traces (hard baked soil compacted inches, something damn heavy had set down on it) and tales from dozens of people, living in some cases a whole continent apart (with the same information in uncanny ). OK, what does this mean? In my opinion, it means that SOMETHING damn strange IS INDEED ONGOING….. so, that means that the only way to find out is investigate and investigate some more. Knowledge is power, so the reason I have uploaded this files is that MAYBE someone out there in computer land, (and you would be really surprised where all ParaNet DOES GO) will have a missing piece of the puzzle, and better yet will contact one of we happy little band of investigators –with PROOF ………………..

And by the way, to those good meaning folks that have written me email, just because I put something up here, it does not mean that I think this is what really is happening. Always read what I have to say about the file in advance. In this case, I stated that there is HIGH STRANGENESS in this one,



Part II of the 3 * interview. JULY 14, 1989

Bill> Thank you for agreeing to a second interview on this topic. Did you enjoy your trip to the mountains?

3* > Yes my wife and I had a wonderful time.

Bill> What is bothering you so much about the alien situation?

3* > As I mentioned before, there have been several UFO crashes, not just the one in Roswell, New Mexico. Look at the documents I brought with me. The photos are quite explicit to the CARGO OF SOME OF THE UFOs.

Bill> Why are there children aboard these crafts!? My God! You don’t mean that the aliens are snaching our kids? What for??

3* > There are over a million missing children every year in the US alone. Now, not all of them have been taken by aliens. The aliens take about 2,200 children a year from the US and other countries. Its all right there in the report attached to the three photos. The rest of the missing children are the result of mankind’s dark side. You know what I mean. It’s in the paper every day. The children are used in several ways; biological, to educate and return, experimentation, disease study. The same as adults.

Bill> Adults are one matter, but leave the children alone. I am very bothered by this information. According to the report, implants are being used on the people that are taken aboard UFOs and returned. Some of these implants are microscopic in size (and smaller) and influence the growth, function and learning capabilities of the individual. This is a very detailed report. Could I have a copy?

3* > No, Sorry but you know our agreement was that you did not get to keep or copy any paperwork. As well as the other matters we discussed.

Bill> That you did! I will keep my word, don’t worry.

3* > I would like to mention a little bit more of why the public have not been told the truth. Lets run through the whole thing rather quickly.

1. Security/Fear Factor; Everyone feels safe knowing that the US is one of the dominate powers on Earth. Right? The Human race is in control and science will solve it all. The simple fact is–if you take away the security of people it is replaced with fear! Fear is the first step to chaos. Just imagine what would happen if there was an announcement that the govts. are no longer in control, we have aliens living among us, they have kidnapped our people, used them as guinea pigs, killed them, manipulated our culture, tampered with our food, created new diseases to study on us, have interbred with us and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. Now, how do you think the public would react?

2. The fact that the Govt. have been lying, covering up the truth, have given permission for abductions and experiments on the public. Keep in mind that the agencies involved are highly covert, funded very well and have almost absolute power (life and death) over anyone who interferes. How do you think the public will react?

3. Cures for certain diseases, free electrical power, pollution free energy, no longer a need for fossil fuels, abundant food and water for e veryone. All of this has been possible for many years now. What would happen if this technology was turned loose to the public? The tech report showed that within the first year over 18 million people out of work. The monetary system would collapse and all of the other problems that go along with it. A REAL POSSIBILITY OF A GLOBAL NUCLEAR CONFLICT……..ALL OUT OF FEAR!! Is it really worth the chance?

Bill> What you say does make sense when you think about it. What is going on with the sudden surge in UFOs, aliens, abductions and the like? Is this part of the awareness program?

3* > Yes it is. The awareness program calls for the funding of movies, series on TV, specials and books. All of the “front” money will filter its way to fund a TV series or movie if it is deemed worthy of friendly, helpful alien contact. An idea is passed along to the big named producers and directors and if it takes hold, everything will fall in place and the funding starts. It is really unique how it l works. No way to trace it to the govt. and the people involved truely believe it is their own creative work. Everyone gets into the act and no problems. After the movie hits the public, the reaction and interest of the masses are carefully monitored. Abductions of humans are both random and selective. Influential people are selected to either — explain and guide the public or to serve some political need or requirement. UFO sightings increase when needed to draw the attention of the public. You must keep in mind that the mere mention of UFOs, aliens and the like will draw weird looks, rumors and make people believe that you have a mental problem, not playing with a full deck of cards and so forth. People will make fun of you and will laugh at you! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT. AND WHO WANTS TO BE LAUGHED AT WHEN THEY ARE SERIOUS? The result is not one will say anything unless there are many witnesses. The unique thing about this subject is people don’t want to believe. The general feeling is that mankind is all. There is nothing else but God and Country. This is what most people believe. I am not disputing or disagreeing with anything. I just find it amazing that people in general are so damn stupid and stubborn. Let alone that many are so pompous and self-rightous about their religion and self image. Do these people have a rude awaking someday! It can surely be said that we are not alone in this universe.

Bill> How large are UFOs? What type of propulsion system do the crafts use? Do you have any photographs I could look at?

3* > The alien crafts are disc, triangle, oblong cigar shaped. They range from 30 ft in diameter for the smaller recon discs to over 730 ft in diameter for the larger “mother” discs or the flying saucer, if you will. The triangle shaped crafts are 210 ft. in diameter. This does not seem to change as you can see in the photos which show 3 different triangle crafts which all measure the same and are identical in shape and appearance. The oblong cigar shaped craft is the real big one of the three. The only one ever found by the military in the late 60’s measured 1,100 ft. long with a circumference of 310 feet. Take a look at this photo and read the report attached. The information gathered from this one enabled us to copy the basics of alien technology. It took 20 years to do so. The basic propulsion system or drive is a fusion reactor which ranges in size from about the size of a medicine ball, you know the one tossed around in gym class, to about the size of a large Van or station wagon. It is a magnetic drive surrounded by an aura of bright white light. This is for the disc and triangle shaped crafts. The oblong cigar shaped craft does not have this aura of light. All crafts are almost totally silent. There is some noise.

Bill> I can’t believe the photos! This looks like something right out of the movies. The other report information which is stapled to the photos is very detailed. This information is both fantastic and very scary! I wish I could share this proof that I am now holding in my hands. I know, I won’t ask again. You have to get this evidence back where it belongs before it is noticed missing, don’t you?

3* > Yes I do. If this documentation ever got out I am sure several individuals would be terminated. The powers that be have a systematic method and program that deals with documentation, verification and termination of information and personnel. The most important asset to the Govt. on the subject of aliens, UFOs, cover-up story and the like is simply the “OVERALL PROJECTION OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE UFO EXPERIENCES IS ONE OF FANTASY, DELUSIONS, MIS-CONCEPTIONS, UNRELIABLE KOOKS AND CRACK-POTS AND DOWN RIGHT LIARS.” Also keep in mind that the news reporters and the news media in general, poke fun at individuals with their quirk smile and light attitude about the whole thing. Matters can be documented. The proof is out there and is available. Many people must come down off their high horse and open their eyes. It is no shame to admit that you are wrong. No one knows everything and no one should be expected to.

Bill> It seems to me that you have talked to several people about this subject and the outcome has been negative? At least as you describe the general attitude earlier. Maybe we ought to wrap this issue up?

3* > I really hate to be sour about this subject but the people of this planet have a God given right to the truth. Many people will not believe what has been stated herein. Many questions are raised and can not be answered. Certainly not to the satisfaction of many. Until the day comes when the big announcement and/or experience happens to you –the individual– you will be too busy and skeptical. Just like I was!

Bill> Thank you for everything you have done for me. As I agreed to do earlier, I will edit out the graphic details and other information you requested to cover your identity and prevent the people who helped you obtain the documentation from being suspected.

3* > I am well aware that there are no guarantees when this informatioon hits the media. I just hope that the people involved with this whole UFO, alien, and Govt. connection will come forward and let the world know. I feel that mankind will become mature enough to think before acting in the coming decade of the 1990’s. ************************END OF FILE**************************** END OF TRANSCRIPTION FROM MASTER TAPE–EDITED AS PER AGREEMENT—

( from the hard copy—-D. E. )