UFO Invades a Town in India

Last year in August a town in India had some unexpected guest swoop in.  Bijnor Uttar Pradesh was visited by an unidentified object soaring through their Indian air.  It was defiantly there, because more than one local had pictures to prove it.  The Western Media kept it under warps and didn’t report the event.  This silence kept the event inside of India, unnoticed by the rest of the world.

The UFO was seen by many residents in the night sky.  Many of these residents managed to grap a camera or video camera and record the event that was taking place in the darkness above their heads.  Most feared that they were under attack by aliens.  They believe to this day that the object was not of this world.  The “Uden Shitri” circled the town for quite some time and then darted off into the night sky.  “Uden Shitri” is the word for UFO in Hindi.

It’s a good thing that footage of this event exists.  If there was no footage the towns people would have been told that it was a comet, a plane, Venus or a kite.  Who knows,  they may even been told that they imagined the whole encounter.

This non-sense started in one town in India.  The government started telling people that the glowing orb that shot lasers into their bodies was actually an insect.  They were afraid that it might start the worlds first UFO riot.

Thank god that there was no riot.  If the government kept on pushing the issue, who knows if that riot wouldn’t have happened because of the cover up.  Thanks to the evidence or it might have been Venus, comet, kite or even that insect that shoots lasers.  Imagine that, an insect that shoots lasers.  What’s the next lie going to be?  I can’t wait.

Here are a couple of videos of the Western News Broadcast of the UFO sighting.