UFO Invades New York Bedroom As Couple Sleeps

Recently, the New York region has been in the grips of an intense UFO flap, with most UFO reports over the past few days coming from the region.  And now with this latest report by one witness, the objects are no longer being spotted outside in the middle of the night, but also in individuals’ bedrooms.  The witness submitting the report outlined her experience and we still are trying to figure out if any natural phenomenon could have caused it.

The incident, as it was reported to the Mutual UFO Network, began as the woman was attempting to get some sleep after a long day.  As she awoke, she noted a mysterious humming sound in the distance and looked up over her covers to see a strange luminescent disc hovering in her room.  The object simply hung there in the air as if watching her.  Terrified, the woman then pulled the covers over her head and attempted to wait out the experience.  After a moment she looked back at the object and got a clearer look at it.  It was simply a ring of light hovering in her room approximately two to three feet in diameter.  As she continued to watch, the object just hung in place as if suspended by unknown wires.  After a few moments, she noticed that the humming sound she was hearing didn’t sound like it was emanating from the room itself, but from outside.  She looked to see if her husband was there, but could not find him.  He was sleeping downstairs, and had no recollection of anything strange going on that night.  After once again putting the covers over her head, the woman prayed for the object to leave her alone and for protection.  After the object had stopped humming, she once again looked up and saw that it was missing.  But there was something else wrong with the room.

The entire interior of the room normally had a consistent quantity of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide like most other environments on Earth.  But this room she was in suddenly had a distinctly high concentration of pure oxygen.  The woman had experienced pure oxygen in medical procedures before, and thought it was very strange.  She couldn’t find any explanation for it.  No other sign that the object had been in the room was left.  Getting up from her bed, the woman went down stairs to share her experience with her husband.  He was almost as shocked as she was, although was not able to share quite as much of her apprehension as he had not been present in the room.  The experience left them both with a strong sense of awe and wonder.

What could this object have possibly been doing in this woman’s room?  And why was it left feeling like it had been pumped entirely full of oxygen?  If an alien presence were somehow to blame, what purpose would a room full of oxygen serve?  This mystery will go on perplexing the family and many others involved in this most recent New York UFO Flap for some time.