UFO Invasion of Australia Continues

Another report coming from Australia relates an event that continues the theme, this time coming from a couple going out for a walk with their dog when they were confronted with something that defied conventional explanation.  The couple had just returned from a family visit, and were setting out to enjoy a pleasant stroll when suddenly they heard a woman screaming.  What followed would change their opinion of the paranormal forever.

As a nearby car screeched away down the road, the husband said to his wife, attempting to reassure her that it must be due to the full moon.  The small town of Cranbourne where this happened was just half an hour’s drive from Melbourne where a number of the strange sightings have been reported.  As they approached a baseball diamond, they came across a baseball diamond with what looked to be an extremely bright orange star in the distance to the east.  As the couple watched, they wondered aloud if the light in the sky was simply a helicopter or if it was a particularly bright star.  Then, they noticed that it was making no sounds.  At first thinking it was merely a star, the object then shot toward them at incredible speed.  Shocked, the couple continued to watch the object and noted that it still was not giving off any sound.  Then, as they watched they realized something was following the mysterious glowing object.  A jet soon entered their earshot, tracking the orange object at incredible speed.  The jet object was moving at such an incredible speed that they expected it to be making a deafening roar, but it simply gave off a gentle hum.

As the object passed overhead, the witnesses noticed the mysterious orange light was attached to a polyhedron of a diamond shape.  It seemed to have roughly eight sides to it and was flying vertically with twelve lights around the middle of it with the brightest orange light at the front and several smaller lights around the circumference.  The object itself was fairly large, though a proper estimation could not be given as it soared overhead at an estimated 300 miles per hour.  The craft chasing this strange polyhedron appeared to be a jet plane of Earthly origin whose make or model could not be identified.  As the craft soared overhead, the witnesses noted that it was approximately twice the size of a commercial airliner, but incredibly fast, moving with the required velocity to keep up with the strange object.  The witnesses were thoroughly excited by the encounter, though their dog did not seem to react with anything more than curiosity.

Both staunch skeptics of the UFO phenomenon, the witnesses suggest that both craft must have been of Earthly origin, although of a top secret and likely military nature.  Though the technological capabilities of both objects were certainly impressive, the witnesses contend that there was nothing suggesting either object was necessarily from another world.  Of course this latest sighting comes in the wake of a massive UFO flap that has been running through the Melbourne area for several days now, and witnesses are all reporting unexplained aerial craft that seem to disappear just as mysteriously as they appear after exhibiting a preternatural ability to defy the known laws of aerodynamics.