UFO Invasion Reported Over Christmas Weekend

It’s been a pattern these past few years that with each holiday this year would come several unidentified flying object sightings with a few fairly dramatic ones included in.  And Christmas of this year was no exception.  After scanning UFO reporting centers across the web it seems we saw quite a bit of UFO activity in the hours during and shortly before Christmas.  So far no reports of a sleigh being drawn by flying quadrapeds, but a visit to the Mutual UFO Reporting Center and the National UFO Reporting Center has yielded several unidentified objects hovering in the sky in the past day.

In Hayward California a witness was outside smoking with his girlfriend’s brother when suddenly they spotted a strange Chevron shaped object streaking across the sky at the speed comparable to a bird’s flight.  The witness was up looking at the sky when he reports a chevron shaped craft suddenly came into view and streaked across the sky.  He went inside to find his girlfriend so she could share the sighting.  After they returned it had passed them by, but the witness is still unsure if any conventional aircraft could have exhibited such a strange flight pattern.

Another witness on the other coast, this one from Norfolk Virginia noted a strange mirror-like object hovering in the sky with four lights at each corner of it floating through the stars as if glued to the sky.  The object was seen by witnesses who saw the it moving through the skies above their home said the object was unlike anything they had ever seen before.  As they watched is simply glided past them and into the distance soundlessly propeled by some unseen force of technological superiority years in advance of anything we have on Earth.  This naturally led the witness to wonder if it could have been from somewhere else.

Not all of the sightings were of unnatural origin.  Just west of Flagstaff, one witness reported seeing a pair of glowing fireballs in the sky.  The balls of light simply hovered past them as so many others did, but in this case their origins are explained quickly enough.  The witness reported a telltale flickering just beneath the hovering orbs of light suggesting the objects may have been merely Chinese lanterns held aloft by the heat from a solitary candle within.  These objects, though soundless, didn’t exhibit the incredible capabilities for speed or the massive size of the other strange aerial phenomenon.  Often in the west Chinese lanterns are suspected during holiday celebrations as being the cause of many UFO sightings.  But these objects have a certain style to them that is a dead giveaway when it comes to UFO reporting.

Unfortunately, UFOs as they are seen by witnesses worldwide, are by their nature difficult to pin down.  Both their unconventional appearance and their ability to simply flit away from witnesses to places unknown in a split second make them virtually impossible to identify.  But if the sightings that took place over the holiday weekend are any indicator, they certainly are not afraid to move about the Earth and observe human activity even during the holidays.