UFO Landing Site Discovered

UFOlogists working with New Mexico’s branch of the Mutual UFO network have uncovered rings in the landscape they believe is the result of an unidentified flying object coming in and disrupting the terrain.  The announcement came at a presentation dedicated to UFO sightings in the area.  The primary investigator, Dee Gragg believes he has stumbled across something major and is eager to show his findings to all who will listen.

Angel Fire has been the location for several UFO sightings for as long as locals can remember.  The strange objects seem to pay particularly close attention to a specific site which Gragg has declared an authentic site for the objects to touch down.  It’s not clear why they have chosen the site, or why the objects have any need to land at all, but the evidence left behind certainly has several people (both UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike) perplexed.  The evidence gathered initially sparked an investigation that would last over ten months and finally end in a presentation given on the 29th of may where Gragg showed slides of his findings and announced that there was more information to come that would be, with no pun intended, groundbreaking.  Janet Sailor, the president of Angel Fire’s Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences, chimed in saying they would be revealing everything.

The presentation was different from many like it in that it provided photographic evidence for the events, but aside from a documentation of the events themselves, it left much unanswered and withheld.  The understanding was that there would be an additional seminar and published papers later that would more thoroughly explore the events and discoveries of the Angel Fire team.  Altogether there were two main sites that the team investigated, though the rings seemed to behave differently depending on the location.  The Angel Fire Site rings were five to twelve feet in diameter and had swirled the grass around to suggest a force moving them similarly to the way crop circles behave.  The arrangement of the rings also suggested that they were caused by multiple small craft landing there soon one after the other rather than one ship with multiple “legs” touching down all at once.  Gragg suggests these smaller craft would have likely been unmanned, but that it was possible for the small craft to have been occupied by diminutive beings.  The findings also suggest that the “swirl” pattern could have been caused by electromagnetic forces interacting with the environment and emanating from the bottom of the craft.  One audience member assembled asked if the soil samples had been processed.  Gragg stated that samples had been taken at the sites, but they had not yet been sent to a lab.  Discovery of a potential landing site for these objects could make the location a prime stakeout location in case of future events, but the owners of the property may not be too enthusiastic about this prospect.  Still, the Pipers who own the property were thanked by Gragg and Sailor both for allowing the UFOlogists to use the property during their ten month investigation.