UFO magazine 1988

Synopsis – Last 1988 Issue of UFO Magazine [Vol. 3, No. 5]

UFO Magazine’s last issue for ’89 takes a sharp high science and communications turn with articles on alternative media and satellite technology.

FORUM: The Opinion section leads off with DON ECKER’S [ ed. CompuServe’s 74270,3360. Way to go Don!] persuasive argument in favor of a ufological summit meeting, where competitive researchers will iron out differences and unite to address ufology’s most pressing concerns. UFOlogists RON SCHAFFNER and R.P. COLLINS tackle the control factor in UFO research, with its tight hold on the public consciousness and deft use of intelligence agencies. Fascinating case material highlights the viewpoints.

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA: _UFO’s_ round-up of the on-line options in UFO information and entertainment, including the expanding, globally important video and computer systems.  UFOSTAT: With all the watchful high tech that cruises our skies, a spy satellite especially equipped for UFO detection isn’t out of the question — according to aerospace professional Ron Regehr.

MARS OBSERVER: Project Scientist Dr. Arden Albee, Professor of Geology at California Institute of Technology, explains the basics of NASA’s Mars Observer mission, a fabulous survey satellite scheduled to launch in 1992.

CONTACTEE: FIRST HAND: Contributor Martin Cannon interviewed a UFO witness whose story of psychiatric abuse serves as a warning and action alert to everyone in the field.