“UFO Outside My Window”

Normally when a child wakes up at three in the morning convinced there is a monster or anything out of the ordinary outside their window  a father is compelled to reassure them and prove that nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  But what is a father to do when they go outside and come to the conclusion that something really is outside?  Such was the case according to a report by one witness in Clare, Michigan.

The report, submitted to MUFON, was sent live as the night was maturing into 5:00 in the morning, and the witness was certain that something unusual was going on.  It all started at approximately 3:00 in the morning when the witness’ daughter came downstairs to tell her father that something unusual was going on outside, stating that there were aliens outside her window.  The father reassured her, telling her that nothing out of the ordinary was going on outside, and that she had simply had a bad dream.  The little girl, approximately six years of age was insistent, declaring that there really was something out there and that she was extremely scared.  Given that the little girl rarely had any sort of night terrors, the father told her he’d go outside to investigate.  As he exited the house and looked up at the sky he was able to see several stars, no aircraft in the area, and the moon.  He did, however, notice a large bright object in the sky that at first appeared to be the planet Mars, but when he looked closer he realized it was brighter than any celestial body aside from the sun that he had ever seen.

He went inside and asked the little girl if the object had been out there while he was out there.  He asked her to draw it, and she obliged, sketching out a simple disc-shaped object.  Unsure of whether there was anything to it he told her to go back to bed.  When she came down again in an hour, however, he noted that she seemed incredibly convinced that there was something going on outside.  He once again returned to the house’s exterior and examined the sky, noting that the massive bright object had moved in the sky several degrees, using other stars and landmarks as a point of reference.

After this he started writing his report, recalling seeing a mercury droplet looking object suspended in midair for fifteen minutes once in 1994.  As he wrote he recalled having a sensation of being watched the entire time he was out there, as though something else were somewhere nearby observing him.  He couldn’t quite place what it was, but the sensation made him feel uneasy.

A final note on this case, since it seems possible it could have been a simple misidentification followed by a psychological sensation: The night before, just north of Clare where this event took place, a triangular shaped craft was observed by a group of people during a night of playing cards hugging close to the horizon.  Could the two sightings have somehow been related?  Or was this UFO ghost story conjured up by the girl from a bad dream?