UFO Over Denver Explained

It’s usually estimated that 90% of reported UFO cases will have a
conventional explanation that could explain the behaviors of most
object mistakenly thought to be UFOs.  Normally we try to show you
examples of that fleeting glimpse of the other 10%.  But not every
light in the sky is an alien spacecraft.  In fact, those that turn out
to be unexplainable on all fronts are exceedingly rare.  It is,
however, important to keep an eye on the fabrications and the false
reports in order to ensure those that seem genuine remain all the more
mystifying.  It is with that in mind that we report the case of a
strange light that appeared over Denver Colorado’s Park Hill Area.

mystery solved is always welcome, even among those of us who can
appreciate a good unexplainable event.  It is with that in mind that we
can congratulate the University of Denver’s Astronomy department for
solving the case of the mysterious light reported to hover above
Colorado last weekend.  The strange object was reported by dozens of
witnesses, including Jai Harris, who videotaped the incident and
uploaded her video to Youtube.

Harris first spotted the object
hovering in the sky above her home floating with an eerily different
glow than the other stars.  “It was much brighter than the stars and
much, much lower,” she would later tell local news station KDVR. 
Harris wasn’t sure what she was seeing, but armed with a video camera
was sure someone would be able to tell her eventually.  Labeling the
video “Light Being Over Denver,” Harris’ video had captured almost
3,000 views.  As far as video capturing goes, one could not have asked
for better documentation from someone without a tripod.  Despite the
fact that Harris was not within reach of a tripod, the object maintains
a fairly steady center of the frame.  Harris then includes images of
other objects emitting light (such as a street lamp and porch light) to
show how the camera displays these objects.  As far as witnesses go,
Harris allowed for quick determination with little controversy on
exactly what the object was, and what it was not.  It was not an
unidentified flying object once scrutinized by the astronomy department.

what was the object hovering over Denver?  It may sound like a cliche
explanation, but it was simply the planet Venus.  This may be a
disappointment, but watching the video will allow ufologists a clear
view of what the planet Venus can look like when it hangs low in the
sky and is visible.  This can ensure that any sightings reported to
various UFO reporting centers proves to be the genuine article, and not
simply another false reporting of Venus.  And by knowing what Venus
looks like on camera, we can also certifiably know what it does not
look like.  All too often the Venus explanation is touted when an
object is seen clearly moving across the sky or in front of other
terrestrial objects.  Thanks to Harris and the Astronomy Department in
Denver for helping us make this case explainable.