UFO Over Lake Huron Campground

A Michigan couple was camping at the Lake Huron Campground.  It was dark and there campfire went out.  They started packing up for the night.  As they went to get their chairs that were next to the campfire, they noticed four lights in the sky.  The lights formed a perfect geometric shape of a cross that moved in a perfect formation. 

They first noticed the pinkish red lights in the sky that were moving north.  After a while the lights went out.  After that, they noticed a huge dark structure over the treetops.  The structure hovered over the treetops for a while and then disappeared over the lake.

Below is an unedited statement from the couple, reported to MUFON.

MI, September 12, 2009 – Dark object moving across sky – appearing to go on or into Lake Huron. MUFON Case # 19348.

“We were camping Saturday, Sept. 12th at Lake Huron Campground, which is situated on the west side of M-25 on the shore of Lake Huron. It was about 9:25 p.m., it was dark already, but no clouds – it was very clear and you could see all the stars in the sky.”

“Our fire pit had burned down and we were in the process of going back inside our camper. When we got up from our chairs and turned around to the north to move our chairs next to our camper we both noticed four red/pink lights that were very bright in the sky to the north.”

“The four lights were in a perfect geometric form (similar to a cross) and did not blink or loose their form from the time we saw them until they moved south and then disappeared. They seemed to move in a southerly direction toward us – in perfect formation then suddenly the two center lights (parallel to the ground) dimmed and disappeared as if someone hand turned them off with a dimmer switch.”

“Then the top and bottom lights which were perfectly perpendicular to each other and to the ground went out at the same time. We thought that the lights may have been flares at first, but there were no planes in the area that the lights were located.”

“From where they were located, a plane would have had to be relatively low to drop them and we heard nothing. In addition, the lights did not vary from their exact formation, nor did they flicker. If they were flares, it would seem that the breeze from the lake would have caused some shift in formation, or cause them to flicker, but they didn’t do either.”

“Then, after the red lights went out, we noticed what appeared to be a dark shadowy object moving from west to east across the sky – starting in the area where the red lights had been. It was traveling faster than any jet we’ve ever seen.”

“As it moved East, it got lower and when it appeared over Lake Huron you could see the dark shadowy object above the tree line to the east of us (where Lake Huron is located) and the object appeared to be the width of several tree tops. When it reached the tree tops you couldn’t determine how far away it was, or how large it was, only that the general width of what we saw was an object that was approximately equivalent to three tree tops – which seemed pretty large.”

“Also when it was above the trees and continuing to move down toward the water, there appeared to be flickers of white light directly underneath the object. Similar to what one would see as a reflection of light that was shimmering off moving water – it kind of sparkled under the object for the split second that we saw it.”

“The object did not have any lights on it – it was simply a dark, fast moving shadow that went across the sky from west to east. It was darker than the starlit night sky and the speed at which it moved was what caught our attention. It appeared as if someone took black camo fabric and covered whatever it was so it would blend in with the dark sky. It made absolutely no noise. We don’t know what it was, but it appeared to have vanished either onto or into Lake Huron. My husband and I both have Master’s Degrees; we’re intelligent, reputable individuals. We’d be interested in hearing if anyone else saw anything weird like this.”