UFO Picture in Palisades of Catalian Island (New Sighting)

Recently Unexplainable.Net was e-mailed a UFO Photograph taken in the Palisades of Catalian Island.  The anonymous sender was shielded by a free e-mail address, and didn’t leave much information. But it has been reported as a Possible UFO.

As we know the Catalina Islands has been a UFO hotspot through history.  Upon close evaluation, We here at www.unexplainable.net have reached a decision in our opinion.

The Sent Picture

The face in the bottom right has been erased for privacy reasons.

When looked at closely, the object is black, and appears to have a a purple glow around it.  The black object’s shape is not recognizable which makes final diagnosis difficult. So we must resort to process of elimination.

The purple glow can be caused by an insects wings flapping at a fast pace. I thought about the insect possibility for a while before I decided that if it was an insect, It must have been pretty darn big to show up like that. Even if you had an 8 inch bug, 100 feet away, It wouldn’t look that large on film. (in comparison with the persons head in the bottom right).  So not only would it have to be a super big bug, it would have to be real close. 

When you zoom in close, and see the pixel arrangement, it is clear it certainly isn’t a super big bug thats real close. If it was a bug that large and close, you would beable to see various charistics of the bug. But the picture reveals none. So it’s probably not a bug.

It might have been a bird of some sort, but the lack of form, No visual wings, and the purple glow discredit that notion.

What about a plane?  Probably not.

I am not claiming extraterrestrial life was operating a craft and it was caught on film, but I would categorize this sighting under unexplainable.  Due to the lack of details and further pictures to evaluate and compare, there isn’t enough credible evidence to accurately declare another UFO sighting in the Canary Islands Happened.