UFO Pictures From Belgium 1955

Namur, Belgium, 1955 Three photographs were taken on June 5, 1955 at about 07:30 P.M. near Namur. The witness indicated that he has visually seen a sharp gleam moving high in the sky without any noise and at high speed. He indicated that the gleam accompanied an object of discoidal shape leaving a white trail behind it. The witness continued by indicating that the object lost altitude, made a turn, and then went upwards to reach its own trail. See larger image to see dimension of the clouds, and get perspective of the object’s size.  The witness continues by explaining that when the object joined its trail, the trail was dissipating, the UFO then accelerated and left, while luminous particles were ejected behind it. Be sure to see the full-size image to appreciate the long trail behind the object, and dimension of the photo itself. 

Source/Text credit (ufocasebook.com)