UFO ‘Portal’ in Hat Creek

A resident in Hat Creek in California has come out with an incredible account of what they saw over the course of one day and one night in a single weekend.  With several accounts of activity now coming out from California it seems only a simple matter of looking up is required in order to spot a UFO of one sort or another these days.  With the crowded skies still leaving no explanation, the public is becoming more intrigued about the reason behind so much activity on the West Coast.

It all began on June 27th on a Sunday, according to the witness who submitted his report to MUFON earlier this week and described behavior in the sky that was quite strange even for a typical account of an unidentified flying object.  It all began shortly after noon as the witness and a friend were outside talking when they suddenly noticed a strange flash in the southwestern sky.  As they focused on the flash the pair noticed a strange diamond shaped object which seemed to emerge from it.  As far as the witness could tell, as they described it later they considered it fairly likely that the flash of light had been the opening of a portal which ejected some sort of craft into the sky.

As the “portal” closed behind the object it emerged with incredible speed before stopping dead in its tracks and hovering for several seconds.  After this, the mysterious diamond shaped object slowly hovered from the south and headed north.  Calling out to their friend, they asked what the object could possibly be and received no answer.  Their companion was already entranced and watching the object hover into the distance.  They watched for several seconds in astonishment and total silence with a feeling of awe overpowering them both.  After this the object disappeared, but it would not be the last sighting the witness would make in that 24 hour period.

That night they almost missed the second sighting, but the witnesses seemed to tempt fate by suggesting that they would endeavor to once again go outside and this time see the object again just as before.  It was early in the night, 9:45 or so when they emerged and began talking with more witnesses and soon noticed a second sighting unlike the first.  At first it was announced as a joke, with the first witness saying “Here it comes again,” in reference to a particularly bright star.  The emotional change was soon transformed to one of complete awe when the witness once again repeated his line and it became apparent that the object they were looking at was not a star at all as it hovered through the sky slowly with an incredible brilliance that all witnesses would later describe as “perfect.”  It’s difficult to imagine the incredible brilliance of an object that would be described as perfect in every way, but it was the mental impression that the object seemed to send them all that convinced the witness submitting the report that what they had observed was of incredible significance.