UFO Predictions For The Future- What aliens will bring

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UFOLET1.TXT – Text file that was scanned and processed via OCR by Harvey Stewart [UFONET I] taken from the book “Letters To The Air Force On UFO’S” by Bill Adler published by Dell Paperbacks 1967. The file was run through a spell checker following conversion so most errors in character recognition should be ok. Now that I finally have OCR software that works there should be lots of files on the way so stay tuned.

The following letter speaks for itself and was sent to Project BLUE BOOK sometime before 1967. It is interesting that the writer mentions Ford and Ronald Reagan many years before their rise to prominence. It is also interesting to see that blood substitute is mentioned over 23 years ago along with cattle mutilation. Gentlemen: The man driving his truck in Ohio, who was stopped by a flying saucer is in his right mind. The “person” who got out of the saucer is the “captain” of that particular vehicle. The man in the truck and the saucer captain did speak by mental telepathy . . . denoting one of the ad- vantages the saucer captain had over the mortal man in the truck. The saucer captain said he was from a much weaker and or smaller nation than the U.S. basically, this is true – but only conditionally. I will explain. please bear with me even though what I have to say may sound somewhat incredible. Make no mistake, all things I state here are true. In the name of JESUS CHRIST these are the truths. The saucers are not really from outer space, in the sense of a world or planet that is inhabited by beings. This applies [sic] to all the planets, stars, etc. The saucers are not from earth in the sense that some country in this world as we know it has secretly developed these saucers. Seeing that the saucers- are from neither outer space or earth . . . they are from an interim state. The “beings” that captain these saucers number 79, and each of the 79 has his own saucer. The 79 pass as earth men in the sense that no human could tell one of the 79 from an ordinary fellow human. The identification is that close. However, these 79, though much more [sic] ”advanced” than our earth technology, do have two char- characteristics that are positively very different from humans – physically. They have imitation eyes . . . a type of optic prism that cannot be discerned from human eyes . . . unless actually probed. Secondly, these “men” have no blood as we know blood to be. Their circulatory system has instead a saline type hemoglobin – preservative substitute. This substitute blood must he refurbished at quite frequent intervals. Check with Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. They are now working on such a blood substitute. (The saucers have been known to slaughter or lift up cattle to their vehicles. Also the saucers are seen mu n around reservoirs. The combination has to do with their composing their blood substitute. Michael Reese will confirm composition.) The smaller and / or weaker nation that the captain spoke of to the man in the truck is Egypt. Before 1983 the saucers will land in mass in the area of Egypt. They will say they are from outer space, from a planet and civilization that is far advanced in comparison to ours’ They will state that other planets are inhabited “out there” and that there is no GOD. Puny man will he tested to the very limits of his faith. The Russian cosmonauts who went 130 miles into space have already stated, because of their so – called great achievement, that there is no GOO in space. Beware, there is a GOD in Heaven . . . the proof that this country of ours exists is certification. Without GOD there would he no reason for America. This is the great Christian nation of the world. The U.S. is the major target to be destroyed by the 79. Bear with me please. Before the 79 endow Egypt with their saucer technology’ the U.S. will have captured two or three or four of these vehicles to learn from. Understand this is the time for the world and mankind to see what we ordinarily deem as “spirit,” to now, by many means, be seen by mortal man in what he calls reality. In other words, the spiritual will now become seen by man. For example . . . These 79 are not of human origin. They are fallen angels. They have murdered 79 men and have commandeered their bodies. The only changes are the two I mentioned. This 79 is each one locked into this lost body forever. They are evil . . . in fact their leader is the inventor of evil ‘ . . Satan . . . now known by one identity as Jahausha Salad, a gynecologist who delivered Empress Farah’s babies [Iran].

The saucers are manned by crews of humanoids . . . not fallen angels. These humanoids are kidnapped, murdered children with devils . . . one each in each body . . . taking possession. These humanoids are under command to each of the 79. The saucers can be hidden on earth or can be “at rest” outer space as the 79 fallen angels carry on their pretense earth of being mankind. Some of these 79 are very powerful and prominent people” who control the destinies of countries. The sole purpose of the 79 is to disrupt and impede and tempt mankind all over the world to the point where mankind fights and destroys himself. Because GOD protects man from these 79, the 79 cannot directly destroy man. But GOD permits man to he tested in faith. The 79 tell one story, a lie. GOD tells the truth – man has free will to choose. These 79 can read minds. They never need sleep and saucers travel at the speed of light. (However, the evil 79 lack the courage to go this fast. They have traveled 60,000 miles per second. Good man must top this to overcome the tactics of the 79.) The saucers travel magnetically . Please hear me out. The denials of existence of flying saucers is not your fault. You have orders that come from your so – called seniors. If this was traced all the way up it would show that Robert MacNamara is the issuer of the flying saucer secrecy order. He denies they exist and has told his commanders to deny their existence. It is most interesting because Robert MacNamara, Secre- of Defense for the U.S., knows more about flying saucers and the authenticity than anyone in the whole U.S. military – Robert MacNamara is a captain of a flying saucer He is a fallen angel in the murdered body of Robert MacNamara. This took place in 1959. He is a very evil and dangerous man. His total dedication is to obey Satan and destroy the United States. Not by direct action (he cannot do that) but by stealth, temptation, and dissipation of the U.S. strength – MacNamara can read president Johnson’s mind so it was not difficult for him to integrate [sic] himself to the president. There is much much, much more to this than I put down here. I can prove each thing I say here. Hold onto this letter you will see MacNamara banished to Egypt in 1967. Gerald Ford of the U.S. House of Representatives is also a fallen angel. Here are some more names and their countries:

l. Malenovsky – Russia
2. Kitti Kachoru – Thailand
3. Holt – Australia
4. Chou En Lai – China
5. Lin Piao – China
6. Chung Hee Park – S. Korea
7. Breznyev – Russia
8. Souvanna Phouma – Laos
9. Raoul Castro – Cuba
10. Ronald Reagan – U.S.
11. Adam Clayton Powell – U.S.
12. Otto Preminger – U.S.
13. George Lincoln Rockwell – U.S.
14. Robert Welch – U.S.
15. Dr. P. Peruma – NASA – U.S.
16. Tou Duc Thong – N. Viet Nam
17. Erhard – Germany
18. Mikoyan – Russia
19. George Brown – England etc.

I pray you hold on to this letter and see what GOD does to evil. Yours in CHRIST J. S.