UFO Propulsion and Unidirectional Thrust

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Re: Lorrey device…unidirectional thrust ! UFO propulsion ??

Bob Aldrich ( [email protected] )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 00:14:34 -0800

> Japolsky, Kidd and other such gyro/inertial drives, we discussed it to
> some degree on the KeelyNet-L list and despite the videotape that
> Thornsen did showing a box sitting in a canoe and the canoe accelerating
> across the water with nothing in the water but a rudder, it would appear
> that canoe test could well be translated vibration from the box to the
> canoe as pointed out by Senor’ Tomes.

I saw a demo a few years ago with Robert Cook in Littlerock, CA. Near
Los Angeles. He had his latest Cook Inertial Propulsion machine
suspended by rollers on a rail going uphill. He explained that one of
the rotors was broken, (and from what I could see this was true), and he
couldn’t afford to repair it, so it wouldn’t work very well.

His kids were hanging about, lots of them, and their house looked pretty
I felt somewhat responsible for this last because I’d gotten him down to
Southern California to a gravity conference at Golden West College a few
years previous. The investor I’d hooked him up with, who’d paid his way
to So. California for the Gravity conference, ended up trying to take
his invention away from him without payment. This guy, a man named
Black, had a tricky way of using lawyers to insulate himself from
repercussions, and had a “Holding Company”. Watch out for these guys!

At the Gravity conference he was the last but most enthusiastic speaker
present, for he obviously was a man who DOES things rather than thinking
dim thoughts. I and most of the audience could barely suppress sleeping
through the prior nine or ten theoretician speakers. When he came in in
a rush, we all woke up and watched his presentation in wonder.

Anyway, back in Littlerock a few years later, sure enough when he turned
it on it did ever so slowly climb up that rail, which was probably
inclined about a half an inch over a three foot length. That would be
hard to do with the thing suspended on roller bearing wheels. I don’t
think any “vibration” would do that, note even a side to side vibration,
as the whole thing probably weighed several hundred pounds.

If you read his book “Death of Rocketry” there is a very clear
description of why it would do what it did, and I was suprised at how it
could be this way, for the logic of it is to me quite astounding and
indicates that there may be something missed by the smart boys..

The image that sticks in my mind is that of the man stepping off from
the turning helicopter rotor to the aircraft wing going in the opposite
direction with no relative motion. I tried to pick this apart for a
couple of months but never could see a fault in the logic of it. This is
the basic part of the theory of his machine, a way to turn rotary motion
to linear motion.

In the book he also shows a demo of an earlier machine on a boat
propelling itself across a swimming pool. There is also one of it
swinging to the side suspended from wires.

Has anyone else read this book?

Bob Aldrich
Los Angeles