UFO Radiation Affcts Population and Pedestrians

Note: The following is a UFO report supplied by the National Research Council of Canada, a branch of the Canadian Government. This one page report was already pre-printed when it was filled out. The responses under the A-H headings are written out longhand.

A Date and time of sighting

March 22th, 1989 N 89/24

B Condition of sky(clear, cloudy, hazy, etc.)


C Identification of observer

Mrs. Gorley and her son

D Location of observer

Between Carp and Ottawa

E Identification of other observer

F Description of sighting(shape, colour, distance, movement, number of UFOs)

orange yellow light, pulsating, no sound, veered and then stopped in mid-air like an helicopter. 30 ft diameter

She had to veered on the highway to avoid it. She stopped the car and they both got out.

G Duration of observation

H Any other relevant information

Son was wearing a ski-jacket. When he got home his arm was burned. She took him to the hospital and the doctor noticed that her lip was swollen. He said it was like they were exposed to radiation.