UFO reality

How real are the UFO or unidentified flying object sightings? What truth do they unveil, if they do at all? Are there really aliens out there taking away humanoids? These are just some of the many questions that avid readers on the subject and those who want to believe the concept are perturbed by. However, there are a few sightings like those listed below that are food for thought. 

Arkansas, USA: At a campsite at the Pettit Jean State Park, a UFO enthusiast suddenly identified two unusual objects moving across the night sky. Both the objects increased in size and became brighter and gained momentum. He also observed and went on record saying that the unidentified flying objects had no ‘running’ lights like our aircrafts. The objects then, changed directions and moved out of sight! 

Maine: The witness was driving towards Oregon. Near a marshy area, she spotted an object like a baseball spin ahead. However, there was no sound at all and her research on what she saw thereafter revealed to her that the unidentified flying object she saw was an ‘orb’. 

Texas: On Highway 281, the witness saw a bright object in the night sky. Since, the weather forecasters had predicted a storm brewing in the area, the object was only partially seen. Finally, he did manage to get a look at the unidentified flying object and saw that it had no aircraft ‘running’ lights at all. The unidentified flying object then flew across in a ‘zigzag’ manner across the night sky.

Recorded incidences such as these leave room for speculation. How real are these sightings? NASA and government agencies from different countries keep putting off enquiries as part of government and military projects and the experimentation of innovative aviation based designs for future use. UFO reality is a topic of deliberation and depends largely on what you want to believe.

Reality or not, the UFOs and aliens, good and bad have invaded our entertainment world. There are a number of online and offline resources that offer information on the sightings and ample of fuel for the celluloid and gaming arcades. From the mild and very emotional ET , Extra Terrestrial in the film by the same name to the frightful figures in Independence Day, aliens and their spectacular flying machines are part and parcel of our lives and imagination.

Toddlers now grow up with space men, complete with elaborate costumes and recorded voices and unidentified flying objects in the shape of saucers, with lights et al. Teenagers access the gaming parlors that offer them the surreal experience of operating specially designed crafts and equipment to save planet earth from alien attack. The celluloid has blown up, and bagged at the box office, with the moving images of the space experience, starring popular celebrities who also swear on having a good time filming the sci-fi story lines.      

UFOs and the sightings of these well lit globules in the night sky are enough to fuel anyone’s imagination. With our earthly quest to explore space and look for signs of life on other planets, denying these objects of interest seems so hypocritical. However, each person to his or her own belief!