UFO Report Finally Released After More than 30 Years

A new report just submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) finally came to light after almost 35 years of secrecy.  The report was submitted under the condition of anonymity to MUFON, and originated from Northern Michigan just north of Shelby.  The report tells of two lights that terrorized a couple as they were driving home late one night around 3:00 AM.

It’s not uncommon for UFO reports, particularly ones that put the observer at the center of a spectacular light display or have them interacting with creatures not quite human, to not be told for several years.  Participants in UFO phenomena often report an apprehension of being judged by their friends and family, and therefore often make reports under the veil of anonymity.

The man writing the report (for the purpose of this article we’ll refer to him as “John,” his wife is referred to in the report as Sheila) notes that it was a dry night, and the streets were particularly sparse as they drove home from Albion.  It had been quite a while since the couple had passed another car, although that was to be expected in the dead of night in farm country.  Suddenly, the couple was aware of two brilliant objects in the sky heading toward them at a great rate of speed and “very high in the sky.”  Quickly the objects descended to an altitude of about fifty feet and, still approaching them, increased speed.  By the time they were somewhere around fifty yards away, they slowed down and eventually soared over the vehicle.

John and Sheila looked at one another as the lights hovered, suspended above their car illuminating the area around them as they continued driving.  This was the last memory either of them would have until they were driving down the road several miles later.  They did not report any hypnotic regression to account for this lost time.

John said to Sheila that it must have been a crop duster, but Sheila shook her head pointing out that crop dusters cannot fly at night.  John quickly realized she was right.  After all, how would a pilot be able to see power lines, trees, and other obstacles?  Even the brilliant radiance of the object they had seen only illuminated the road a few yards in any direction.  As they went to bed that night they continued talking about it, certain that what they had seen that night was not of this world.

Ten years after this one another one would almost mirror it.  A family traveling south on M69 in the Upper Peninsula encountered a large black disc shaped object which whizzed past them slowly as they stopped their car.  It was around 100 feet away from them as it glided up the street, then flashed three lights at them before passing by again.  The object then soared off and hovered before finally disappearing.  The entire event lasted no more than five minutes.  Sightings like these seem to be happening less often these days, but are finally coming to light after years of secrecy.