UFO Report from Australia Finally Released

A witness coming out of Australia has finally submitted a report after over thirty years of silence regarding a sighting they had in 1972 as they were going to school with their mother and two other witnesses carpooling toward school.  The witness, who shall remain anonymous, claims they saw an unidentified object on the ground with not only the mysterious shiny craft itself, but people around the outside as well.

The sighting took place in a suburban area just outside Orange along the highway where she clearly had a good view of the object as it was just off the side of the road.  There was a moment where the witness says she thought the glinting object in the distance could have been a shiny tin roof, but as they got closer it was apparent it was something else entirely.  Judging from the time of year, and the fact that the weather was a bit cooler than spring or summer, it is estimated the time of year was somewhere around March or April.

The witness claims they were on the way to school with their parents.  At the time the witness was approximately 14 years of age and heading with not only their mother, but also with two other witnesses, none of which actually said anything about the object regardless of whether or not they saw it.  The witness says she didn’t want to inform the others of the sighting without them saying something first, but that as they passed it she could clearly see three beings, two of which were on either side of the craft holding some form of apparatus in their hands and a third within the disc-shaped craft which could be seen through one of the portholes.

As they passed it, neither the witnesses nor the report submitter spoke to one another of the object or the occupants witnessed outside of it, and each pretended the incident never took place for several years.  Still, the memory didn’t go away for the witness submitting the report and she wonders if the occupants of the craft had been visiting from another star system and possibly been curious about the vehicles on the highway the cars were driving past.  As she looked into it, she discovered that there had indeed been several reports submitted in the area regarding UFOs and strange lights and disc-shaped craft spotted in the area, but was unsure as to whether or not  they were connected anyhow.

It’s strange how experiences when framed by an otherwise earthly existence free from the paranormal can and often inevitably do look to be nothing more than yet another unexplainable, yet certainly mundane event in a long list of others.  With no frightening music or sudden inexplicable lights it would be quite easy for even the most incredible incident to appear mundane to the casual observer.  But when put in perspective, this could have really been an incredible and insightful look into the world of visitors that just happened to be scanning vehicles in the area of Australia.