UFO Report Released from Las Vegas

One witness from Las Vegas Nevada, the city of sin and host to a number of high profile paranormal events, himself witnessed a mysterious flying disc hovering above Flamingo street.  After witnessing the object almost six years ago, he finally found the courage to submit his report adding to a string of UFO sightings that occurred in Las Vegas in 2002.

The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was riding in a car with his friend looking for a place to eat late at night when they spotted a large disc shaped object hovering above Flamingo Street.  The friends stopped their car as they saw the object and just sat there staring at it in amazement as it hovered above them.  The object was disc shaped with green, red, and blue lights all along the bottom of it.  As they sat there watching the object they at first wondered if it was some form of modified helicopter that could be disc shaped, then they considered it may be a well designed blimp designed to look like a flying saucer.  They were certain the object was not a plane, and the lack of sound it was giving off made them consider it may not have been a helicopter.  Still, aside from agreeing on what it wasn’t, they couldn’t get much further on deciding what the object was as it remained there suspended in the sky above the power lines.  As they watched, the object suddenly pulled back as though it were winding up like a slingshot and launched itself at an incredible speed out of their sight.

Both witnesses were flabbergasted as they realized they hadn’t seen a blimp or a hoax they could readily understand.  The object they had spotted clearly moved faster than anything terrestrial that either of them knew of.  If it was a manmade vehicle, it was clearly of such a highly experimental order that it most certainly must be several years in excess of anything declassified that we have.  The friends lament not having a camera with them, but say in their defense that they had merely been intending to get food late at night and weren’t expecting to run into anything so incredible as a close encounter with incredible possibly extraterrestrial aircraft.

Of course this wasn’t the only sighting above Nevada during this time as several reports came in between the months of February and June of 2002.  Of these, two stand out including one coming out of Henderson Nevada that bears a similar description to the object seen by the duo in Las Vegas.  The object spotted was roughly disc shaped and had lights on the bottom of it, though these were colored slightly differently.  Other reports include several large black triangle UFOs spotted in the area hovering all over from Las Vegas to Green Valley.

During this four month period, incredible eyewitness accounts came out of brilliant disc shaped objects that would appear and make incredible maneuvers of the incredible speeds and accelerations we have come to expect from these craft.  What were they doing in Vegas?  As luck would have it evidence is lacking as to any motivation.