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As UFONET is not itself an investigative body, but a forum for the thoughts and ideas of the public, UFOlogists, and research groups; part of our mandate is to alert people to the existence of worthwhile research organizations. Recently, I learned of a new organization by the name of UFORIC, which is based in Vancouver. Other than a having a packet of documents from them, I have very little first-hand info about the group. However, from what I’ve seen so far, they do seem to be a professionally run organization, which in this field of study, is saying a lot. What follows then is some reprints of some of the information that was sent to me. If you’re interested in pursuing this further, contact addresses and phone numbers will be listed.

Again, what follows should not be construed as an endorsement of UFORIC, although my own personal feelings are that UFORIC seems to be a legitimate organization, and one in which your money wouldn’t be wasted. One thought to bear in mind is that this group has only been in operation for about 14 wks. and may be “here today, gone tomorrow”. However I don’t think this will be the case with UFORIC, as they seem to have done their homework and started on a solid organizational foundation. UFORIC was “Incorporated” earlier this year in the province of British Columbia. UFONET is in no way affiliated with UFORIC, although its hoped that their will be two- way co-operation between both groups. One of the Directors, Lorne Goldfeather, informed me that they were looking to have a BBS arm of UFORIC 8-12 months down the road. At present, I’m trying to procure a UFONET node in Vancouver, in order that we might have quicker access to Directors and members of UFORIC in the B.C. area.

– Tom Mickus <<UFONET I>> 9/29/89

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Note: The following electronic reproductions are different in form —- than that of the originals.

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24 Hour Reporting Service – News Updates Daily


For Information call: 1-(604)-685-1-UFO ——————– Or write: Dept. 25 – 1665 Robson St., ——– Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6G 3C2

Current List Of U.F.O.R.I.C. Board Of Director Officers: ——————————————————–

First Officer: – Helen Williams, 106-1170 Haro St. Vancouver B.C. ————- V6E 1R8

Second Officer: – Graham Conway ————–

Third Officer: – Brian Fewster, 7709-127th St., Surrey, B.C. ————- V3W 4B1

Fourth Officer: – Jack Roberts, 7165 Bridgewood Dr., Burnaby, B.C. ————– V5A 3T5

Fifth Officer: – Neil Gilchrist, 5629 Ash St., Vancouver, B.C. ————- V5Z 3G8

Sixth Officer: – Lorne Goldfeather, #904, 1275 Haro St., Vancouver ————- B.C., V6E 1G1

=== (code-of-ethics form-1) U.F.O.R.I.C. (members copy) ==========================================


1. To promote the free exchange, discussion and dissemination of information, theories and ideas and proofs related to ufology, in Canada and internationally.

2. To maintain high standards of ethics, humanitarianism, and scientific practices in the study of the U.F.O. phenomenon.

3. To preserve the history and genealogy of available U.F.O. research.

4. To secure cooperative action in advancing the common cause of its members.

5. To disseminate information of a general, economic, social or governmental character; to analyze subjects relating there to; and present the views of its members to other organizations, the government, and the public (may require inviting guest speakers, or travelling to locations other than Vancouver).

6. To cooperate with other organizations of like interest, in Canada and worldwide.

7. To further the training and education of its members.

8. To maintain a 24 HOUR reporting hot-line and carry on investigations, which may involve hypnosis by a certified hypnotherapist.

9. To promote standardization in the investigation, reporting and evaluation of U.F.O. sightings and related phenomena.

10. To provide, at some point in time, in a newsletter or periodical, a local, and/or national, and/or international forum for the report and publication of all worthy activities and projects of person, groups or organizations working in the field of ufology.

11. To make awards, eventually, within the life of this association, to persons, associations, or agencies, in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of ufology. Awards may be of a general nature or specific funding for an investigative research project.


1. Members shall maintain high standards of ethics and scientific practices and shall be guided in their relationships by personal integrity.

2. They shall uphold the dignity and reputation of U.F.O.R.I.C. before the public at all times.

3. They shall avoid and discourage sensationalism, exaggeration, undignified and unwarranted statements, or misleading advertising.  4. In providing devices of any nature, such as an electromagnetic field detector, gravity wave detector, or signaling machines, they shall offer a 30 day money back guarantee and provide a year’s warranty on the item in writing (except for expendable parts). Also, they shall provide a repair service for any device offered (reasonable use required).

5. In providing service for compensation, they shall refuse to undertake that which is of a questionable nature, and they shall advise the probability of success.

6. They shall not use their membership in this association as evidence of qualification, or as a measure of ability or performance.

7. They shall not exhibit or use the name of U.F.O RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA – (U.F.O.R.I.C.) on any letterhead, stationary, or business cards, nor in advertising of a business or professional nature, unless as part of the association’s regular activities, along with the approval of its board of directors.

8. Any members found to be in violation of this Code of Ethics by the board of directors may have his/her membership privileges in the U.F.O.R.I.C. revoked.

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(Form Sent to People Inquiring about UFORIC)


Dear __________________,

Thank you for your request about our organization. We are a non profit group of professionals who are greatly interested and keenly determined in solving the U.F.O. mystery in a methodical, serious manner.

Aside from our 24 HOUR NEWS SERVICE, we do on-going investigations and on-site inspections. We depend on public support in order to keep this organization in existence.

We are offering yearly club memberships. For $20.00 you will receive a UFORIC membership card and interesting mailings on the subject every month. Another $2.00 will get you a catalog of many U.F.O. magazines and books available from us dating as far back as 1957 up to present time.

Kindly send a postal money order (money orders only please) to Lorne Goldfeather, Dept. 25 – 1665 Robson St., Vancouver, B.C., V6G 3C2, Canada.

We look forward to hearing from you. Any further donation will also be greatly appreciated. We intend to grow as an established and respected institution worldwide with your help.

Yours Truly,

Lorne Goldfeather, Director UFORIC

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To Whom It May Concern

UFORIC – U.F.O. Research Institute of Canada is pleased to announce its services to the civilian, medical, governmental, police and military communities.

We maintain a 24 hour REPORTING AND NEWS DISSEMINATION SERVICE on our HOTLINE. All incoming calls and information disclosed to us is held in strictest confidence, never leaving the office of the director or shown to others without the expressed permission of the confidant.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on contributions to maintain our services as well as doing on-site research with monitoring equipment. Any donations of $20.00 and over will entitle you to club membership for one year. Every month you will receive material in the mail on the U.F.O. phenomena.

Our government has had two official documented studies on the subject of flying saucers. They even set up an observation post with electromagnetic detectors at Shirley Bay in the province of Ontario. Canada now has an astronomical data collection agency in Victoria, British Columbia.

An item we are currently offering consists of two interesting recordings on one audio tape. The first part consists of a live conversation recorded by American BASE COMMANDER HALT at Woodbridge, England. Halt, Lieutenant Bruce Englund, Major Zickler and Sergeant Nevells were taking radiation readings at a landing site in a forest close by. Suddenly they saw several U.F.O.s fly near them and they became very frightened. Former Woodbridge Base Commander Colonel Sam Morgan released the audiotape to British Solicitor Harry Harris in 1984.

Following this, we have inserted a completely different recording of what we believe to be an extraterrestrial voice pleading for help four times. This tape came to us during our research of a family who on several occasions encountered U.F.O.s. The father is a prominent local businessman. His wife made a recording on audio tape which she planned to send to friends in Australia. After finishing she played it back and was disappointed to find distortions in her voice throughout the tape. Strangely it was only in the parts where she spoke about U.F.O.s Her husband made a HIGH SPEED DUBBING, and oddly enough, it came out with her voice in slow motion overlaid by another eerie voice pleading for help four times. At this time we are trying to determine if it has voice print.

We will send you these recordings, one audio cassette for $15 (Money order). Please send postal money orders to: Lorne Goldfeather, Dept. 25 – 1665 Robson St., Vancouver, B.C., V6G 3C2, Canada