UFO Returns to St. Louis Metro Area

The UFO previously spotted in the Belleville area of Illinois seems to have returned according to at least one witness as he was walking near the casinos on the Boardwalk just west of the Mississippi river.  And on that night as he watched the strange object jetting up along the river, he saw that the object was not only drifting in ways quite different from conventional known aircraft, but also seemed to be acting under intelligent control.

The witness, in his report to the Mutual UFO Network says he first spotted the object around 4:00 in the morning on October eighth of last year.  As he was walking along, the object first appeared to him to be a helicopter.  But as he stopped to look closer at the oncoming light, he soon noticed that it didn’t appear to be emitting any sound.  Startled at first, the witness continued watching as it passed directly overhead.  At this point he was able to make out a more detailed examination of the object’s shape and describes it as looking similar to a Star of David, but without any of the lines connecting them.  He says it looked like two triangles pointing in opposite directions if one were to connect the lights to one another. – along with green running lights along the bottom of it.  Even at its closest proximity to the witness as it drifted above the buildings in the area it didn’t seem to emit any sound – this is strange considering the distance it was at should have been about the same as a traditional helicopter.

The witness describes the object as being fairly large too, and apparently exhibiting some level of intelligent control.  Of course as he continued watching, he noticed up ahead along its flight path a series of spotlights above one of the nearby casinos.  Thinking the object would pass over one of the spotlights, he watched intently the craft’s underside and hoped to get a clear picture of what the underside of the craft looked like.  Unfortunately, he would be disappointed that night.  As he watched the craft slowly drift toward the casino, he soon saw it coast to the side and avoid the spotlights altogether – continuing to obfuscate its underside.  Soon it drifted into the distance and disappeared behind the objects there.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is, what would cause an aircraft designed to remain stealthy be doing with massive lights on the outside of its hull?  Is it possible other witnesses would have seen this strange stealth craft hovering away from the area as it emitted beams from an incredible array of lights?  Or was it simply a misidentified aircraft that the witness only thinks looked like a UFO?

It should be noted that this isn’t exactly the first time a witness has observed something strange coming out of this area.  One of the most widely documented UFO sightings since before the turn of the millennium.  In 2000 police chased a UFO over several counties with several independent witnesses later coming forward.  And the object they described sounds eerily similar to this object spotted above St. Louis.