UFO Sighting Brings Back Memories

A witness reporting to the Mutual UFO Network revealed in an eye opening statement that he had witnessed a floating light hovering above the treetops approximately 100 yards away.  As the witness observed the mysterious craft, images from his childhood quickly came flooding back.  And it makes the reader wonder if this was all coincidence, or if the witness were actually seeing this strange object for some other purpose.

The first night the witness spotted the light hovering above the treetops he didn’t think about it much, and actually forgot about it until seeing it again the second night.  But on the third night, as he witnessed it, he decided there was something strange about this strange light hovering in the sky.  As he watched, the object suddenly drifted nearer to him shining its spotlight down to the ground.  Any doubt that it had been a helicopter immediately disappeared from the witness’ mind as he focused in on it.  It was difficult to determine the actual shape of the object, but as he watched, he quickly realized it was something of a very unusual shape.

And then there was a sound.  As he listened for the helicopter rotors, he realized that despite being fairly close to the strange object, he didn’t hear anything coming from it.  Somehow this thing, which seemed intelligently controlled was capable of hovering and moving around through the skies – and it was capable of doing it completely soundlessly.  Soon convinced that what he was seeing was of either extraterrestrial or experimental origin, he soon found his mind drifting back to an earlier experience he had had as a child.

It had been a church outing.  The congregation was dispersed performing their various duties when suddenly on the edge of their periphery a strange object suddenly appeared hovering in the sky.  it beamed down a peculiar light to the ground that could be seen for quite some distance.  Once again it gave off no sound, and seemed only to hover with this strange light beaming out from it.  As they watched, the pastor addressed a few of the members of the congregation.  The witness specifically remembers several people witnessing this strange object.  Shortly after that the object disappeared and left them all mystified.

And this is precisely what it did on that third night as the witness was out looking into the sky hoping for some answer that would make sense of the experience he had had as a child.  The light simply blinked out and the object was either impossible to see in the night sky or disappeared entirely.  He was left driving on the road in the middle of the night with no other witnesses around.  Traffic was light enough that though he had experienced the previous sighting with the help of dozens of others, this one he had to experience completely by himself.  He didn’t experience any missing time, and when he came back the next night looking for the strange object on his drive home he saw nothing.  The object would not reappear to the witness after that.  It simply remained in the back of his mind as one of those mysteries which is completely unexplainable.