UFO Sighting Causes Accident

A witness who reports himself as suspecting UFOs may exist for quite some time reportedly swerved to avoid hitting another motorist when he saw an unidentified flying object in the sky.  The sighting happened in San Antonio Florida on September 10, 2010, but the witness only released documentation of the event today.  As he watched the sky he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had witnessed something of great cosmic significance.  Unfortunately, the sighting also took its toll and damaged his car.

Witnesses who describe UFO sightings often tell of intense emotions, incredible focus, and an unnerving sense that everything in their lives is about to change.  So it should come as no surprise to hear that another witness, upon seeing a strange object in the sky not only discovered these sensations but also inadvertently put himself in danger as he was operating a vehicle at the time.  The witness was driving along I-77 in Florida when suddenly a mysterious object came into view in the distance.

The witness describes the object as roughly disc shaped with several lights running along the sides of it.  As he continued on his way he found himself transfixed, watching the object closely and carefully trying to keep track of its movements throughout the distant sky.  He says the mirrorlike shining object would be difficult to describe as anything else other than a traditional flying saucer so many others have described complete with lights running along the side and a central hub looking structure in the middle.  As he watched, however, he was not the only witness to observe the craft.  The driver in front of him saw the object in the distance and apparently slowed down a great deal to keep watching.  As the witness looked up and to his left to keep track of the object he almost didn’t see the car crawling along the road in front of him.  As a result he suddenly looked in front of him and saw the car waiting there and swerved to avoid it.

As he drove off the road his tire gave way and he was left sitting there in his car as his tire gradually deflated.  As he got out to check the tire he realized he would be trapped there for a while with the object hovering in the distance watching over the scene.  But as he looked up once again from his car to the sky he suddenly noticed that it had taken that moment to vanish from view.

It’s curious to think of a UFO stopping a car and causing an accident like this.  It does, however, make sense that distant lights in the sky in a general saucer shape would make a fairly large impression on passing motorists.  In light of this event, it’s actually curious to think about why more sightings like this one don’t result in an increase in accidents due to distraction.  And of course we are reminded of the woman who earlier this year was driven off the road when she swerved her car to avoid hitting what she described simply as a “vampire.”  An insurance claims adjuster’s nightmare indeed.  Fortunately the only casualty of this case was the tire and the witness’ doubts about the human race being alone in the universe.