UFO Sightings Followed by Birth of Pig Monster

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When it comes to weird stories about UFOs we generally think the United States and the UK are most often visited, but when we look into the staggering number of recorded cases in Central and South America we find that it’s a whole vast world filled with the paranormal.  And the reports are often even stranger than what we see in the US.  Few are quite so strange, however, as the mysterious incident that has been reported now from Guatemala where a monstrous pig was born just after a mysterious string of UFO sightings.

Of course the story was strange to begin with, but was nowhere near as strange as the accounts that came along with it.  When it was born, it was at first suspected to be nothing more than a rare birth defect ultimately resulting in a deformed skull and face.  But as the farmers looked closer at the creature’s face itself, they discovered it was actually less like a pig than they had previously thought and more like a humans.  While disturbing, they at first thought it could be nothing more than a coincidence.  After all, in the world of birth defects there have been a number of strange coincidences.

But what are the chances of such a strange alien face on an animal born in captivity?  Even with the vast number of pigs born in the world, are there truly enough to represent this statistical anomaly?  Then villagers started putting the birth in context with the several extremely odd sightings that had taken place over the previous few months.  As they continued to amass figures and data they found that the odd lights coincided oddly with the pig’s birth and the pregnancy of its mother.

The pig was one in a litter of eleven.  There were no noticeable similar defects in the other creatures born that morning.  The farmer who delivered the bizarre pig, Laureano Escobar Arias was quoted by Metro Online saying he was shocked.  Laureano said the creature had an eerie similarity to depictions of aliens.

Sightings similar to the ones seen near the pig creature’s birthplace have been reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for several years from Guatemala.  But while talk of an alien hybrid has certainly reached the ears of researchers before, some are waiting for further evidence to arise before they jump on the potential extraterrestrial explanation.  In the past there have been similar incidents that turned out to be nothing more than an innocuous coincidence brought on by birth defect or – in the case of some – an outright hoax.  Only in rare instances do the creatures ultimately gain a level of credibility in UFO circles with the addition of DNA evidence that proves to be entirely unique and possibly otherworldly.

But of course one question that springs to mind is why.  Why would extraterrestrials go to the trouble of altering the DNA of one pig?  While some are pointing to this case as the genuine article, the motivations for any possible extraterrestrial interference is not entirely understood.  Only further investigation by UFOlogists will be able to shed light on this exceedingly strange case.