UFO Sightings in Australia Spark Invasion Fears

Australia’s recent massive sightings of UFOs have sparked concerns by many in the area that it may be the beginning stages of an unknown maneuver, and the word “invasion” has been coming up quite a bit.  The incidents have been reported every day for over a week now, and several are voicing concern over the matter.

Darwin has been the sight of the majority of these incidents, including three separate sightings last Friday night from different sources.  The incident Friday included one sighting by a British backpacker named Kylie Myers, who originally had never believed in the phenomenon of UFOs, but quickly became a believer after the strange object appeared and hovered in the sky without warning.  The young woman quickly ran to her car to retrieve her camera, but as soon as she acquired it, it disappeared.  Myers described the encounter as “spooky.”  And the next day in Coolalinga more objects were observed.  Last Sunday the objects made an appearance in Acacia Hills.  On Tuesday they were spotted hovering above Howard Springs.  The impression of many within the paranormal community is that these objects may be making an appearance with the intention of observing Earth and its inhabitants just as any other UFO sighting, but the increase in number and proximity to the observers has many wondering if there is something else to this latest string of sightings.  And some are citing a possible invasion as the intention.

“Though 99 percent of all UFO sightings can be explained by natural means,” one UFOlogist going simply by the name Starling declared in an open email to the public, “these sightings are most definitely a cohesive move toward systematically observing the terrain in these regions of Australia.  What they’re doing we don’t know, but I’d say keep an eye on this.”  Starling went on to compare this flap to the Battle of LA in 1942 and the Lima sightings on January 1st of this year over Peru.

There’s no question that mass sightings of UFOs are most certainly on the rise, but there is no clear conclusion to them that we have seen as of yet.  The lights appear, make believers out of a select few who are lucky enough to see them, and then disappear with no explanation for their purpose.

It seems professional UFO hunters will be packing their bags and heading to Australia if they wish to take part in the strange and unexplained sightings.  The objects typically manifest as distant lights maneuvering faster and with more dexterity than any known aircraft on Earth, but with no sound associated with them.  As with any mass sighting, however, there are a few cases where the objects will be accompanied by a low droning hum or even spotted up close as solid objects rather than strange amorphous points of light.  What is the real reason so many objects are appearing in Australia?  Perhaps this time an explanation will accompany the slew of reports.