UFO sightings

Extra-terrestrial theories and the number of eye-witnesses of UFO and alien sightings all over the world have increased in time. A UFO or an unidentified flying object is associated with aliens or visitors from outer space. With every increase in the number of sightings, there has been an equal amount of proof that the objects seen in the night sky are in fact meteors or disintegrating satellites! Sometimes, the unidentified flying objects have even turned out birds, aircrafts and weather balloons, on a closer look. NASA ignores these claims as moving objects within the electromagnetic pull of our atmosphere. Surprisingly, the government, military or NASA authorities have not positively identified any of the UFOs as alien spacecrafts and yet the probe for life on other planets continues. There has been no report or documented evidence of any UFO landing, anywhere in the world.  

Ufology is a modern term for the mythology surrounding the space age. The extraterrestrials are supposed to be no more than the products of the creative imagination, according to NASA. But, it cannot be denied that the very thought of alien visits sends a tingling sensation to the brain and heart and a feeling of fear and awe. The reported objects or lights seen in the sky are always reported as spectacular. The appearances remain mystifying to the eyewitnesses themselves. In Pine Creek, Manitoba, witnesses observed a bright, lemon-yellow object. They swore that the object was the size of a house, with a green tail one mile long! The unidentified flying object was also seen by a pilot of an aircraft in the peripheral and a person on the ground. It moved downward at great speed and hit the ground with an explosion and orange glow that enveloped the area.

We are conditioned to believe that when you sight something which the so-called ‘intelligent’ cannot or refuse to explain or accept, the object could possibly be an unidentified flying object and a possible alien craft. These sightings are known to defy the laws of physics and are in direct violation to the laws of nature. Many ufologists take into account the testimony of eyewitnesses, facts about these people and lack of contrary testimony or physical evidence. The alleged alien abductees have been proved to very sane, according to dedicated ufologists. However, it cannot be denied that even sane people are sometimes deluded about many things in the environment. The subject of UFOs and the related theories and sightings has become a movement and the UFOs and aliens are always discussed amidst forums that end up with heated discussions. The extraterrestrials are definitely a sensitive topic for discussion and deliberation on planet earth. All the available information on aliens and their spectacular vehicles and more, make the night sky more luring. There are dedicated online and offline resources that make available all the information from journals around the world to users and enthusiasts for an unbiased study of the UFO and alien sightings. These resources are accessible 24×7 and the forums are great for the like minded.