UFO Spotted Amid Starling Deaths

The object reported to the Mutual UFO Network in all the cases, starting with one report coming from Arlington Texas, sees a large distant orb of light hovering and traveling through the skies.  In some cases it simply drifts, in another case the orb changes direction and moves in a straight line away from the witnesses and in yet another it is spotted in a photograph and only noticed by the witness afterward.

While it may be unrelated, and it’s easy to tie strings together where no incidents really relate to one another, the massive bird die off seems to be getting a lot of attention in the UFO community (at least one mention could be spotted on MUFON and dozens of others appeared on forum posts across the globe).  One of the more prominent theories is that some sort of cloaking device might have made a solid ship invisible for a period of time so the birds flying in a flock would have bumped against it and died.  This was a theory that was popular during the Starling die off in the UK last year.  The reason that theory worked in that case was because all the birds were found essentially in the same place.  In this case the birds were discovered all over the town.

When one witness saw the strange sphere in Arlington Texas they had to consult with a girlfriend to make sure the object wasn’t just an optical illusion.  When they confirmed it was a solid object moving across the sky to the east, they couldn’t help but wonder if the object could be of extraterrestrial origin.  Eventually they lost sight of it.  This incident happened directly southwest of Beebee an estimated four or so hours before the die off took place.  And while the two cities are in different states, they are directly connected by I-30.

The next incident happened the next night south of Beebee in Minden Louisiana.  The object spotted was an orb or disc that was was pulsing colors and eventually disappeared.  The object’s relationship to Beebee is it is also southeast, although at a steeper angle than Arlington.  It also connects to Arlington where the first incident took place by I-20.  This incident happened shortly before the first.

On the morning of the second, a witness reported from Bowling Green, Kentucky that he was out when he noticed a strange spherical object moving across the sky very quickly.  Though it didn’t move as  fast as a meteor, it did appear to be moving at an incredible speed.

Were these objects somehow related?  Did the witnesses involved all see the same object?  And was it this object that is responsible for the deaths of so many birds?