UFO Spotted Chasing UFO

A witness, clearly troubled by what he spotted in the sky on the night of March 9, 2011 submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network alongside a harrowing possibility.  Is it possible aircraft of terrestrial origin are going out and chasing unidentified flying objects from elsewhere?  As we examine the possibility we can only hope these are peaceful training exercises with whatever mysterious object was seen accompanying the military craft.

The strange events began for the witness shortly after he returned from his parents house to his own.  Spotting his neighbor outside he walked over and struck up a conversation with them.  As they conversed, the witness found himself suddenly dumbfounded when he spotted something strange in the sky.  It was a light hovering in the sky along one of the flight paths over his home.  But unlike the traditional conventional aircraft he was so used to seeing, there was something different about this light.  Something special.  And as the context of the situation became clear to him, it seemed more than a little sinister.

In the distance he could see the conventional jet lights of a passing aircraft, but up closer he spotted a different sort of light far closer and lower.  And this light was being followed by a second object.  The witness’ closest approximation to the object following the mystery light was an Apache attack helicopter.  The helicopter was approaching from the southern sky.  As the event happened just north of Williams Air Force Base, the natural conclusion the pair of witnesses drew was that this helicopter must have come from the Air Base.  The white object broke from its flight path and began streaming through the sky at speeds close to 200 miles per hour by the witness’ estimate.  As they continued to watch, the helicopter followed in hot pursuit of this mysterious light.  One of the things that struck the witness as odd was the fact that no matter what angle the mystery light was at, he could clearly see what appeared to be a headlight shining directly at them.

The only reasonable explanation either witness could come up with was that the object being chased clearly demonstrated a level of intelligent control.  Still hoping for a terrestrial explanation, the witness states in their report that the light could possibly have been another helicopter that was somehow rendered invisible to viewers on the ground through a means unknown to most of us and had its emergency lights turned off.

But the exercise described in this report does seem somewhat dangerous to be taking place directly over a residential neighborhood.  It’s difficult to imagine anything like this being planned by military officials conducting training exercises.  And yet thanks to the diligent research of the witness, who was looking for answers, he did discover that training exercises were being conducted (albeit not over residential neighborhoods).  So was this a training exercise?  And if so, who was the helicopter pilot training with?  Was it a new technology developed by clandestine military research grants?  Or something else?