UFO Spotted in Paradise

Outside the city of Paradise California a woman submits a report referring to a mysterious sighting which she had in the wee hours of the night with her husband and young child.  The event took place on January 8th, mere days after the turn of the decade, and no doubt was a quite perplexing experience to the family whose names shall be changed to protect their identity.

It all started when Robert walked outside to smoke a cigarette.  As he held his hand over the lighter in the chilly Northern California air to light up, he heard something from just around the corner.  He turned on the outside lights and suddenly the sound quickened and moved quickly away.  It was a mysterious sort of scuttling sound, like the pattering of a small person’s feet.  As he looked for their source, however, he could not ascertain them.  When he was finished, he returned back inside.  As he arrived inside he was immediately aware of a strange sound of breathing inside the room.  As he turned on the lights to look around the room he couldn’t find the source and locked the door behind him.  As he walked back to the room he told his wife Deb.  Half listening, she noted how strange it was, but went back to sleep.

Then sharply at 4:00 Deb was awakened by the sound of her 21 month old child crying.  The witness describes the waking as being “easy,” and from the way she describes it, it almost seems as though she rose automatically in a half dream state to care for her child.  As she regained full wakefulness, however, she moved to the window where she saw a mysterious star waving from side to side.  At first fearing her mind was in a state of half wakefulness, she retrieved her husband and he confirmed the mysterious star-like light in the sky as the object waved from side to side.

The two watched the object for several moments before finally adjourning to bed. Elsewhere, just west of this sighting a similar observation took place involving Night Vision goggles.  They said they watched an object flashing lights for a little under half an hour flashing bright lights in the chilly night sky as they watched it.  The third time it flashed, the woman’s husband saw it through night vision goggles and said it was one of the strangest things he had ever seen.

The couple to this day are unable to confirm what the object could have been.  This hadn’t, however, been the first time they had seen an unidentified flying object in the area west of Paradise.  They say another object of an oval shape coasted across the night sky once as they were stargazing, and was observed by no fewer than two witnesses in their group and possibly more elsewhere.  Is something stalking the area around Paradise California?  We’ll most definitely keep you up to date if any further developments surface in this case of strange encounters.