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March 30, 1990

***** Dreamland (aka Area 51-2.ASC) *****

November 13, 1989

ParaNet Information Service (Denver, CO) — In our continuing coverage of the remarkable revelations coming out of Las Vegas, Nevada, here is the next installment to the program aired on November 13, 1989 by television station KLAS-TV and George Knapp.


News Anchor persons:

A former government scientist has alleged that the U.S. military is flying recovered UFOs at a secret base in the Nevada desert. The allegations about the secret facility near the Groom Mountains first surfaced on Eyewitness News on last Friday [November 10, 1989].

Scientist Bob Lazar says that there are at least nine of the flying saucers being tested and that they were not built on Earth. George Knapp has more on the continuation of our series on UFOs.

Lazar: “Yeah. It was obvious it came from somewhere else, uh, other than Earth.”

Scientist Bob Lazar was convinced that the technology he saw being tested at a secret base in the Nevada desert is of alien origin, and for Lazar the proof is, at least, partially in the furniture. One of the nine flying disks he says he saw at the base, which was designated S-4, looks exactly like this UFO photographed in Europe [Photo of UFO shown]. Lazar called it the “sport model.”

Lazar: “I gave everything names — the top hat one and you know the jello mold and, uh, the sport model operated without any hitches at all. I mean, it looked new. If I knew what a new flying saucer looked like. One of them looked like it was hit with some sort of a projectile. It had a large hole in the bottom and a large hole in the top with the metal bent out like some sort of, you know, large caliber 4 or 5 inch had gone through it.”

Even before he saw the sport model operate, Lazar says, he suspected that the ship came from somewhere else. The realization slapped him in the face the first time he glimpsed the inside of the disk.

Lazar: “I got to look inside and it had really small chairs. I think that was the first confirmation I had. That was just a shocking thing because everytime before that I was able to label it. This is just a little advance that a group of scientists had formed and, you know, they’re keeping it secret, and yeah, we could have built a big disk like that, and yeah, that’s no problem, and, you know, we could have adapted the use(?) to make it fly, but why does it have little furniture inside? [garbled]. And things began to click together just all too fast.”

A few of the disks had been completely dismantled to find out how they worked, Lazar says, but others were fully operational. A Japanese TV network created this animated version of Lazar’s story after his first interview with us aired in May [showing video]. Lazar says the dramatization is similar to a test flight he witnessed.

Lazar: “The bottom of it glowed blue and began to hiss like any, like high voltage does on a round sphere. It’s my impression that the reason that they’re round and have no sharp edges is to contain the high voltage like, uh, if you’ve seen a high voltage system’s insulators — things are round or else you get a corona discharge. In either case, it began to hiss as in high voltage and it lifted off the ground quietly except for that little hiss in the background, and that stopped as soon as it reached about 20 or 30 feet.”

Lazar says the test of the sport model was a short one — that it made only a few moves before setting back down. He didn’t see who was actually flying the craft, but was very impressed, nonetheless.

Lazar: “Well, there’s no action reaction system to it. There’s no, like in a jet engine, exhaust gas being thrown out — no propeller, no noise. It’s just, for all intents and purposes, magic.”

To Lazar’s knowledge, the flying disks are not being used, for say, any flights to Jupiter. He said excessive caution and intense secrecy contributed to the plodding pace of the program and were a main source of his disenchantment.

Lazar: “It’s just unfair, outright, not to put it in the hands of the overall scientific community. There are people much more capable of dealing with this information, and by this time would have gotten a lot further along than this small select group of people working out in the middle of the desert. They don’t even have the facilities, really, to completely analyze what they’re dealing with.”

Gene Huff: “Well he was being quiet. If he kept me abreast of anything, he kept me abreast of the security checks — they’d randomly drop by his house. They’d threaten his life; they’d threaten his wife’s life. They had done all that so we really didn’t converse, I mean, he really was adhering to the program.”

Gene Huff is a Las Vegas real estate appraiser. A regular guy who just happens to have a friend in the flying saucer business. He learned about Lazar’s S-4 experiences only after a long period. Lazar is anxious for people to know that he didn’t just run right out and spill the secrets of the universe, and that some things are properly kept confidential.

Lazar: “I did not believe that this should be a security matter.

Some of it, sure. But, just the concept that there’s definite proof, and uh, we even have articles from another world, another system, you just can’t not tell everyone. A lot of people don’t believe that. But, I do.”  When he reached what he felt was his bursting point, he took Huff and a few others to the edge of the Groom Mountains to see the flights for themselves. A total of five witnesses on two consecutive weeks managed to dodge security patrols long enough to see the strange glowing object lift above the mountain.

Huff(?): “Uh, it came up above the same mountain. It moved around. It did a step move — it actually went up in the air like this [showing details with hands] and it hovered then dropped way down then it just floated around and cruised around. It starts coming up the mountain range….”

This home video tape was recorded during one of the trips to the Groom Mountains [showing video tape. A lot of talking….Object in sight….Mention of brightness of the object….].

Admittedly, the tape proves very little by itself because, with the distance and darkness, there are no reference points other than the alleged flying disk, but Lazar’s information about the time and location of the test flight proves correct — not once but twice. That, according to our off-camera interviews with each of the other witnesses. Gene Huff describes his second sighting:

Huff: “Through the telescope we could see an elliptical-shaped light. You can only get so close even with a telescope to a secure facility. Anyway, it came up by us very rapidly. It glowed and glows brighter like a star and we almost got the feeling that it was going to explode, it glowed so brightly. We backed up behind the car then it went down and glowed back up a little bit and then very softly glided back over, back where the mountains where it came up, hovered for awhile, and then that’s that….Just like you see in the movies.”

Bob Lazar isn’t the only person to claim “inside knowledge” of the flying disks at the test site — he is just the only person to say so publicly. We have communicated with several people who say they know of the saucer program. A technician in a highly sensitive position told us it is “common knowledge among those with high security clearances that recovered alien disks are stored at the Nevada test site.” A Las Vegas professional, who once served in the military and was stationed at the test site, said he saw a flying disk land outside the boundaries of Area 51 — that it was quickly surrounded by security personnel and that he was taken away and debriefed for several hours. A man who once worked at Groom Lake as a technician, at our request, wrote this letter explaining how he inadvertently walked into the wrong hangar and saw what appeared to be a large metallic disk under a tarp. It was being examined by men in lab coats. And, an airman who worked at Nellis at a radar installation says he and his fellow servicemen watched over a period of five nights, unusual objects flying over the Groom Mountains. He says the radar images indicates the objects zoomed into range at speeds of 7,000 miles per hour and then would stop on a dime, and that nothing we have is capable of doing that. The airman says that when word of his sighting got out, he was ordered to turn off his radar sensors for that area and told to keep quiet about the matter because it did not happen.

None of this means that the military is actually flying alien spacecraft in the Nevada desert. It could all perhaps be explained as some other secret program. Lazar insists that’s not the case.

We put the matter to the U.S. Navy, which according to Lazar, is running the saucer show. Four different naval offices were contacted. All denied having any information in their files. The Naval Research Lab said it conducted a thorough search but found “zip.” Naval Intelligence said much the same thing, adding, it is not required to create a file where one doesn’t exist. A side note: We also requested files on a UFO sighting over Tremonton, Utah in 1952. The Navy spent more than a thousand hours studying film of that sighting — a fact that’s been noted in several publications — but, for purposes of our request, the Navy couldn’t find those files either.

Lazar: “The group that runs this project, whether it really is the Navy or they just say that, apparently these people have executive power — they don’t report to anyone.”

Tomorrow, more troubling allegations of the military potential of alien technology.


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