UFO Tracked Over Four Cities

A brightly lit pinpoint of light in the sky was identified moving across three Oregon cities over the course of several hours and even detoured up to Bellevue Washington before finally disappearing at approximately 3:30 in the morning according to several witness reports.  The collection of reports ranged from a single witness to several witnesses congregating and wondering what the object was.  Given the high amount of UFO activity on the West Coast in recent days, this incident serves as yet another puzzle piece to the UFO wave just off the North Pacific.

The first sighting occurred as a witness was driving North along highway 242 and spotted a pinpoint of light streaking across the sky beneath the clouds at approximately 3:50 in the afternoon.  At first thinking it was a shooting star, the witness eventually thought the object may be an incredibly fast manmade vehicle streaking North across the sky, but it moved with such incredible speed the witness wondered in the report whether it could have been something else.  Their suspicions may have been validated by the slew of other witnesses that would soon have their reports to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network join the first.

The second witness that night spotted the same object approximately five minutes later streaking North again as they stood outside their house in Bellevue, Washington.  As the witness stared at the mysterious glowing shape they called to their friends and only one joined to examine the object.  Despite the fact that the mysterious craft was hovering above Bellevue, no passers-by noted anything strange about the object, instead continuing to walk by unnoticing the enigma hovering in the sky.  As they watched, the craft continued in a Northerly direction passing beneath a commercial airliner and eventually disappearing into the clouds.

The third witness reported seeing the white light once again passing dangerously close to a commercial airliner before their eyes as both moved North at approximately five minutes after the second sighting.  The object following the aircraft did not flash, and instead glowed a bright unusual aura about it (also noted by all other witnesses involved.)  By the time this third sighting came into MUFON others had already begun pouring in and the witness noted that this may be related to them.  As the object once again disappeared, passing North the witness wondered if the object could have been a manmade craft, eventually deciding that it had been flying too dangerously close to the airliner and with such incredible speed that it could not have been any known conventional craft.

The final sighting, this one over Corvollis Oregon was observed at approximately 3:30 in the morning by a witness driving who said the object was a solid bright glowing orb that did not flash and simply seemed to move around in the sky before disappearing approximately one minute later in a Northerly direction.