UFO Troubles Louisiana Couple

A group of witnesses in Montegut Louisiana were troubled by the sudden appearance of a low flying and mysterious craft which passed directly over them as they were stargazing late at night in Louisiana on the final day of September earlier this week.  As the witnesses observed the craft they were struck by how unique it was in several respects from anything known on Earth, and wondered at its origin.  But there was something else in the encounter that left them with a sense of unease.

It’s only natural, when looking at the vast and seemingly eternal display of the stars blanketing from horizon to horizon to think about the possibility of another life form similarly gazing up from their own homeworld and wondering if others may be on distant planets watching them.  And yet when the distant intellectual encounter with an imagined species of alien becomes a close encounter of the first kind within seconds, the feeling can easily be considered too intense and frightening to truly be able to account for how incredibly rare and fortunate the encounter must be.  And yet in these times the encounters don’t seem all that rare at all.  Such was the case of one group of witnesses who submitted their report to MUFON hours ago and wondered if they had truly witnessed something out of this world.

It all started as the clock approached midnight when two witnesses, a young man and woman were standing out in their backyard staring up at the celestial display in the sky.  As it was a clear night late in September the stars would have been quite brilliant.  Suddenly the display was obscured by a low flying triangular craft.  It was completely silent as it swooped above them, slowly gliding across the sky with a deliberate patience unknown to other conventional aircraft which rely on propulsion from the rear.  As it suddenly came into view and was noticed by the two witnesses on the ground, it quickly picked up speed and disappeared over the treetops into the distance.  During the brief period it was in sight, the witness reported that it was shaking mysteriously as though it were like a magnet resting on top of another.  The shaking has been reported similarly by other witnesses to similar events, even being used to suggest why the objects never appear to be quite in focus when photographed.

After the object shot overhead and finally disappeared into the distance the witnesses were left wide eyed on the ground wondering about what they had encountered and where it had come from.  As he had never heard of a pleasant abduction experience, the witness was filled with a sense of fear and revulsion, wishing to get back inside as soon as possible.  But then there was another emotion, he would describe in his report; he wished he could have gotten an opportunity to see the creatures piloting the craft.  The relationship between fear and curiosity is one that many of those experiencing a connection to the paranormal become quite familiar with.

Remarking on the description of the object itself, the witness suggested that it could not have been a standard Stealth Bomber as its tail was not serrated with multiple fins at the back.  Additionally, it didn’t make any noise though it was quite low.  So what was it?