UFO Witness At Loring Air Force Base

My name is Jose Flores. I am new to this site. I want to share one of my moments that changed my life. I was a student at the Loring Air force Base in Northern Maine. One night as I was looking at the night stars in year 1999. I saw three undenified flying objects hovering over the pine trees horizon . Maybe 30 or 50 miles away, where I was. This was a night time event. Two out of the three flying soucers flew up in accelaration that can’t be beat by jet planes today or Area 51 secret experiments. As I was still looking from a distance. I saw one the aircraft hovering, coming towards in a huge circle as it arrived to the Air Force Base. The other two phenomenom vanished as they flew upwards with such accelaration. As this space craft came to the Loring Air Force Base it slowly accelarated and slowly was hovering over the Base. As I looked on it really hovered over me, with barely no sound, and ring of colors underneath the craft, with light heat. I am not joking this was the real deal I said to myself, and made a believer out of me. We have encountered a real UFO. Oh yah, there was a lot of people at that time when it happened. I was shocked because I really never seen one up close. This OBJECT was hovering at least 30 feet off the ground. And hovering right over me slowly. I will never as long as I live, will never forget this event. I am sorry I wrote to much but to be honest with you (who ever read this). If someone gives me polygrahic test I will pass this memorable event with flying colors. Thank you for reading  I hope you enjoyed my story.