UFO Witnessed by Two Pennsylvanians

Two people watched a “circular red light” hovering just above a treeline about a quarter of a mile away from where they were.

Unable to take a picture of the object, because they had no camera, the witnesses decided to go back inside and watch a movie.  An hour later, they came back outside to see what was going on.  They noticed that the trees around the object lit up the color red.

That scared the witnesses and they went back inside their home.  On the left is a sketch that the witnesses drew of the event that they encountered.

Below is an unedited witness statement from MUFOM.  Keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or man made.

PA, September 21, 2009 – Night time abnormal space craft behind girlfriends back yard. MUFON Case # 19533.

“I received a text from my on and off again girlfriend. It must of been about 7 or 8p.m. when she texted me. She sent me a few texts that I didn’t respond too, but the last one was far too enticing not to respond too.”

She wrote “There’s a space ship near my back yard.”

“I thought this was a joke to get me to come over to see her but we did encounter a U.F.O. maybe 5 months before hand that was like a jet but it was vibrant yellow, moved so slow, and made no sound. That one looked identical to the old toy model of the Roswell U.F.O. I decided I’d bring my laptop & web cam just in case.”

“When I got there I asked her if it was one of the stars in the sky that I was pointing too. She said no and led me to her back porch. about 2 miles away just above the trees & above the mountainside there was a circular red light.”

“It didn’t even seem to move. So I hooked up my web cam and tried to adjust the visual. Unluckily it wouldn’t capture anything more then around 100 yards away. My camera on my phone is broken & my girlfriend couldn’t find her moms camera that she uses occasionally. We looked for her camera for about 10 minutes. Nothing.”

“At that moment I was excruciatingly frustrated because I saw a U.F.O. that was maybe 100 feet above my back yard and now I’m seeing one in my girlfriends backyard and I couldn’t capture it with anything.”

“I opened the door and peeked out side again. Now it was below the tree line. I stared at it for a good minute and it didn’t move at all. I was mad. I closed the door and decided to watch the movie “Point Break”.”

“About an hour later I looked outside again and it was still there but now there was a large amount of red light to the right of the craft and it was pitch-black outside. The light looked like it went all through out the trees but only in the area directly beside the craft.”

“The crafts light around it seemed to intensify a little as well.”

“Seeing the large amount of the light beside the craft made me shut the door. It was just too bizarre. I finished watching the movie then looked outside again. I thought it was gone. But my girlfriend said no look closely. I stared for maybe 10 seconds to get a good focus & now there where 2 lights that where extremely small and maybe 2 football fields apart.”

“I was still extremely mad because I wanted to capture the object on some kind of film but I didn’t. I left her house last night then I just asked her if it was still there a few hours ago. She said no, it’s gone. I’m going to buy a camcorder that has decent focus as soon as I get a few dollars in case something like this ever happens again. So far in the past 2 years I’ve seen 2 real bizarre U.F.Os and 3 or 4 others that weren’t as scary.”