Extra-terrestrial sightings have always intrigued man. In fact, anything that the ‘privileged’ person cannot identify as something from this world! These sightings and science have been in constant conflict, with one swearing by the eye and the other by rationale. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that even the scientists enjoy sci-fi dealing with UFO’s and aliens.

Limited thinking and rigid beliefs are now things of the past and things that were once unconceivable are now part and parcel of our daily lives. UFO sightings have made it to the headlines all over the world at different times and in different settings. Some defy rational thinking, while others are simply bizarre, but the truth is that these sightings have had a profound effect on the person or people involved.

The following articles are worth considering:

At a campsite at the Pettit Jean State Park, Arkansas, USA, a UFO enthusiast was indulging in some ‘sky watching’, while the others enjoyed the camp-fire. He suddenly identified two unusual objects in the sky that seemed to span across. The objects seemed to increase in size and became brighter and simultaneously, they gained momentum. He observed that the flying objects had no running lights, like the ones observed on the ‘earthly’ planes! The globules changed direction, and moved out of sight. (Source: www.mufon.com)

In 1993, in Maine, at about 8:30 pm, the witness was driving towards Oregon. As she approached a marshy area, suddenly she saw something like a baseball spin across the path ahead. However, there was no sound at all! Her research on UFOs revealed that her encounter was with an object that matched the so-called ‘orbs’. (Source: http://ufos.about.com )

What happened in Texas is really interesting. The witness was driving on Highway 281 and saw a brightly lit object in the night sky. Since, the weather forecasters had predicted a storm brewing in the area, the object was only partially seen. Finally, he was able to ‘view’ the object, which again had no running lights at all! Suddenly, the object flew across in a ‘zigzag’ and surreal way. (Source: www.mufon.com)

These sightings and the excitement they induce are definite challenges to the human mind. Going back in time , even the powers of electricity in lightening and steam in boiling water were unimaginable until the time they were harnessed. UFO sightings have been reported consistently and have always intrigued and initiated the inquiry into the possibility of life beyond the planet.

NASA has always been amidst controversy, being adjudged as the authority on UFOs. The scientists have in no uncertain terms stated that they had no other ‘seconding’ information on the sightings, to confirm them. We need to thank Leslie Lean, the journalist from New York for ensuring that the records do not collect dust. Researchers firmly believe that there is critical information available in hidden files on extraterrestrial life.

The conflict between science and the sightings is not something that will ever be resolved. Even as there is strong denial and criticism, there also co-exists intrigue and excitement. However, we cannot deny the fact that the void or space that envelopes the planet is also ground for the unimaginable and other life forms , just as it supports life on planet Earth.