UFO’s – 1950 W.B. Smith memo

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OTTAWA, Ontario, November 21, 1950

Geo-Magnetics (R.ST.)


For the past several years we have been engaged in the study of various
aspects of radio wave propagation. The vagaries of this phenomenon have led us
into the fields of aurora, cosmis radiation, atmospheric radio-activity and
geo-magnetism. In the case of geo-magnetics our investigations have contributed
little to our knowledge of radio wave propagation as yet, but nevertheless have
indicated several avenues of investigation which may well be explored with
profit. For example, we are on the track of a means whereby the potential energy
of the earth’s magnetic field may be abstracted and used.

On the basis of theoretical considerations a small and very crude
experimental unit was constructed approximately a year ago and tested in our
Standards Laboratory.

The tests were essentially successful in that sufficient energy was
abstracted from the earth’s field to operate a voltmeter, approximately 50
milliwatts. Although this unit was far from being self-sustaining, it
nevertheless demonstrated the soundness of the basic principles in a qualitative
manner and provided useful data for the design of a better unit.

The design has now been completed for a unit which should be self-sustaining
and in addition provide a small surplus of power. Such a unit, in addition to
functioning as a pilot power plant’ should be large enough to permit the study
of the various reaction forces which are expected to develop.

We believe that we are on the track of something which may well prove to be
the introduction to a new technology. The existence of a different technology is
borne out by the investigations which are being carried on at the present time
in relation to flying saucers.

While in Washington attending the NARB Conference, two books were released,
one titled “Behind the Flying Saucer” by Frank Scully, and the other
“The Flying Saucers are Real” by Donald Keyhoe. Both books dealt
mostly with the sightings of unidentified objects and both books claim that
flying objects were of extra-terrestrial origin and might well be space ships