The very mention of Unidentified Flying Object or UFO sends a tingle up the spine. It is the favorite topic among the dedicated sky-watchers the world over, adults and the little ones alike. The term Unidentified Flying Object or UFO is used to refer to the saucer shaped crafts seen in the skies on the celluloid and the ‘eye-witness’ records available. The craft has always been saucer shaped for centuries, giving any Unidentified Flying Object or UFO topic a certain authenticity. Sky watchers swear by the appearance of these flying saucers, as they are also called, and the only variations that can be observed include the light patterns on the craft or the positioning of the lights. The speed and movements of the Unidentified Flying Object or UFO has always been documented as ‘amazingly unearthly’ or ‘simply incredible’. The ones who maneuver these crafts are supposed to be visitors to the planet from outer space and they are credited with super natural powers. 

Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs have been amply highlighted on screen in popular films like ET, Independence Day and Star-Wars etc. However, in the real world there is much speculation about whether the entire concept of the planet luring inter-galactic visitors is myth or reality. The stories on record are many and so are the debates on them. While the eye-witnesses wont give up on what they ‘saw’, the rational minded refuse to believe the stories and brush them aside as pure fiction and visionary tom-foolery. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs have been supposedly sighted and on record for centuries and even the famous Irish Stone Hinge is supposed to be in some sort of connectivity to these visits to planet earth. There are many who claim contact and even sighting the aliens within the Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs. These ‘creatures from outer space’ are supposed to not only descend on planet earth in these very colorful Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs, but they are also said to have ulterior motives in doing so. The alien invasion stories have caught on well with the tiny tots too. There are dedicated Unidentified Flying Object or UFO toys and toy stores and for the adults, there are online sites. The sites host stories on record of the alien and Unidentified Flying Object or UFO sightings and photographs clicked by some of the luckier eye witnesses, who actually had loaded cameras on site. 

Commercially, the topic is a best seller and always has been so. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs are every sky watchers dream and the thrill of an actual alien visit has an almost similar effect on rationalists as well. There are a number of online and offline sites and resources dedicated to Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs and aliens. They are designed to make all the available information accessible to users and readers. The books also cover debatable information that is the outcome of a scientific enquiry that follows every sighting recorded. There is no doubt that Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs are more objects of desire than the material that nightmares are made of.