UFOs and Aliens After Sex

Sex and the UFO

by Laura Mundo

It seems that sex is “rearing its ugly head” more and more in the flying saucer field, and the time has come for those of us who have been researchers in the field for over twenty years, covering all aspects, to speak out and clarify the situation.

The space people, both men and women, have been blamed for something that is not of their own doing, and not just for the sake of sex itself, but when partaken of part of a plan that is bigger than all of us. They have also been blamed for astral sexual meddling, not the same thing.

* * * *

Countless reports come in now of earth women being raped by space men, some voluntarily; of space women offering themselves to earth men. Some writers have gone back to the time of the ancient “gods” and the misinterpretation of the less evolved earth people of their sexual activities at that time. It is not the purpose of this article to go back to the time when space people came to the ancients and mated as part of the universal plan to raise the quality of the breed and help some earth people to graduate alive directly by space ship to more advanced physical, visible planets, or by rebirth from which they had “fallen”, through rebirth or, brought down directly by spaceship when falling out of harmony with the universal way of life on more advanced planets to start civilization on this one and work their way once more back up to rejoin the universal family, a time now being reached.

In the meantime, space people have quietly married into families and become parents for this reason down through the centuries, also, only coming openly, as now, from time to time. Some earth women claiming to be raped by spacemen are actual space women, themselves, pretending to be earth women; some “earthmen” pretending to have relations with spacewomen in ships, spacemen incognito living amongst us, to call our attention to the fact.

They must also be used, according to my understanding, based on face-to-face meetings with the spacepeople (written up in other of my free literature for which you can send, flying saucer upday! [out-of-print]), in limited negative missions when we reach the period in some final lifetime on the planet when pre-atomic energy being (my word for god, see other of my writings and my original living atomic being concept) needs all of our time and energies in its plan to help bring earth people back into the universal family, as this civilization reaches its peak and we learn that sex must be used only for pre-atomic energy being’s purpose, also although there is no universal law against enjoying it.

There are many tests those of us who may be drawn out by pre-being through the space people who live in the highest part of their natures, may be subjected to, including sex. I recognized this early in my UFO research and will always be grateful to George Adamski for the difficult role that he had to play in this instance as well as in other instances.

I worked with George Adamski for five years, knew him for nine years prior to his “death” in 1965. I promoted his public lectures for many years and saw him in all kinds of situations. In my booklet, Flying Saucers, I wrote about him suddenly grabbing me and kissing me smack on the lips in the hotel suite I had arranged for him to stay in, together with other members of the first Adamski-Detroit committee in 1954, to the utter chagrin of another of another women member of the committee. Another time he “accidentally” put his hand on my bosom as he helped me from the car. Later he rubbed my knee under the table with his knee, when the committee and i took him out to dinner after the lecture.

I could have been self-righteously offended, myself, and there are those who would say I was immoral if I had not been, but I had already discovered that Adamski did these things only when others were around. When he and I were alone in a hotel room or elsewhere he was all business, and it had come to my mind that he was used more ways than one to slough off those people who were so busy judging the messenger they lost sight of the message (the very vital reason why the space people have come: to remove those earth people whom they can, to safety, as the sunspots come to a climax, causing great floods, earthquakes, extremes in weather and people, among other reasons). (UPI – 5/2/78 & 7/12/78).

* * * *

I have found the experience of Ray Stanford, director of project starlight, Austin, Texas, when he was about 14, a graphic example of the above, when Adamski was still at Palomar gardens, many years ago. At the first international UFO convention in Mexico City in 1977, Stanford publicly old of his disillusionment in Adamski because of “sexual developments” at Adamski’s California home where Stanford was a welcome guest. Adamski’s women followers offering themselves to the spacemen present, and Adamski taking what was left over, although they offered themselves to the earthmen present, also, even himself, at the illegal age of fourteen, he said, obviously jumping to immature conclusions.

Then a woman in Australia had written Lucy Mcginnes, Adamski’s (then) secretary, about a promiscuous young woman, Sonja Lyubein, who claimed to have met Orthon there (the young man from venus whom Adamski met on the California desert in 1952 – see flying saucers have landed – and whom I met at one of our Detroit flying saucer conventions in 1958). Orthon had invited Sonya to his house, so she and the young women who wrote to Lucy went there where there were 32 men and did their sexual bidding. At the time Adamski thought the two women were dabbling in psychism and warned them against it as he did everyone after the space people, including Orthon, told him, one of our most sensitive psychics who had taught the occult for thirty years before then, to turn around and tell the people to beware of the astral, infra-red planes because our atmosphere was so disturbed by the sunspots, the atomic explosions and other natural changes; the highest evolved space people do not use mental telepathy with us for that reason.

Then later, Stanford told the international 1977 UFO convention, Adamski went to san francisco to lecture where he once again met Orthon who told him that Sonja had been involved in a physical orgy with him. ga wrote Sonja this was so and that Orthon had said for her to come to live in the U.S. at his place, which she did.

Once again, Adamski himself was still being tested, also, and Orthon sometimes told him what he was to hear for his own spiritual growth (please try to understand, Orthon was not lying, per se) and Sonja and the young woman friend who wrote Lucy could have been space women, also, pretending, once again, to be earth people..for our growth, not their’s. remember..things are not always what they appear to be..Stanford throwing out all face-to-face contacts, now..and researching only along scientific lines..taking those whom he can influence, right along with him, also.

In fact, as the end nears, we are “lousy” with space people everywhere we turn. You can’t even trust your own mother, these days. After all, among the ancients, outstanding people like Hercules, Plato, Socrates, were human-divine “divine” being a word, however, the space people do not want used in connection with themselves since they believe that all is god, in various stages of evolutionary atomic being, returning its partly projected self in/as the known, back to its remainder in/as the unknowable.

* * * *

I first met Adamski in march 1954 at the Detroit train depot when he arrived from California to lecture for the first Detroit-Adamski committee, with me handling the unprecedented pioneering promoting of the lecture itself. Adamski drew in his breath sharply when he met me and I knew he had met his opposite polarity. I had to fight personality-wise to survive all the time I escorted him about locally to radio, tv and newspaper interviews.or introduced him from the platform. He was a male chauvinist and tried to push me into a corner whenever he could, which I learned not to allow. He began to discuss me unflatteringly behind my back. Which always got back to me, of course, and he insulted women in general, and me in particular whenever he could.

Despite that I went on to promote his out-of-town lectures for several years and in time I had my own proof beyond my intuition, of his authenticity. The same type of bell-like saucer he had photographed over his home in California came over my home in Dearborn, Michigan, later in 1954. Later a small electronic disk came down across the street from my house one night when I was sitting on the porch. Picking up my atomic vibrations which the space people (from a mother ship up high out of sight remotely controlling the disk) do when they want to keep track of you. Later a message (vocal) came over a mobile amateur radio set-up telling me they were aware of my efforts to help prepare their coming, and that “time is short!” when I had been underway for a while I got a phone call in the middle of the night from the three men in black warning me to get out of civilian saucer research because I had come too close to the truth!

I have had other saucer sightings since then but they dimmed by importance when I became aware of the space people amongst us trying to help us to help ourselves as all comes to a climax rapidly. If we watch the weather and other planetary developments, the sunspot acceleration, the instability of our money system (which will go also, along with other changes; it does not exist on the other planets, space people have said keeping god from helping us as it would, especially a disasters increase on the planet), difficulties in governments, and general world-wide upheaval, you will know how close the planetary change-over is.

If you are so busy telling every one about the more advanced, physical, visible space people coming to help us n their physical ships, you will find yourself at the right place. That is the only advice that one can give.

There will be much that will try to come into your mind that will try to convince you otherwise, but release all to pre-being (god). You want to be only where God wants you to be, don’t you? Or where it knows you qualify to be, spiritually.

And that is when you will meet space people, face-to-face (don’t settle for anything else!!)..because they are trying to do the same thing..since so many earth people who have the understanding to inform the public as the planetary/sunspot peak nears, are not doing so.

In the radio message that came to me from a spaceman in september, 1954, he said “time is short!” but now, short days, weeks, months, overnight?

When the acceleration of the sunspots towards a peak, to settle down after wards to normal cycles, if one can go by past performances, the atmosphere in which we are suspended will be affected and all things go to extremes, including sex to a point of distortion, including perversion, rape, even repulsion for some.

After it is all over and we emerge at a higher state of atomic evolutionary mental/spiritual stages, perhaps we will fall into the universal sexual pattern by which the space people live, rather that according to earthman’s will as through the past and present.

On the other planets, according to my understanding, the mating is the marriage and comes about because of the woman’s desire period that is in line with “nature” and therefore no planet is ever over-populated. Aggressive women were frowned upon by society ad insecure males on this planet in the past.

No contraceptives are ever used and at a higher spiritual state of physical evolution one desires to become impregnated during intercourse, as well. There is no money system, as I said, to make having large families a burden, nor anyone who practices celibacy (unless part of god’s plan for some reason, not the individual’s or a religion’s), causing others to bear their children, to whom they may owe rebirth for some reason.

And sex, at the higher spiritual physical state, when the electricity can really flow with complete harmony with all of atomic being also present, it is really “out of this world”, as Sonja L. said her “orgy” was with Orthon.

Any astral lovers are undesirable and can take over one’s mind and body in time, as psychic history can testify, be it a thought-form left by someone else in the past, taking any identity, or one’s own sub-human infra-red body-mind-self (see my book, living electronics, when it is again published). The atmosphere filled with negative black infrared thought-forms in the shape of the people who thought them; positive thought forms, radiant and very few, it goes without saying.

We can only suggest that you keep our advice based on our experiences in mind as unprecedented developments might occur in your life in the days to come. Because Adamski may have been a rogue in his younger days before meeting Orthon, and I am an attractive glamor girl with my share of masculine attention doesn’t make the roles we play today any the less authentic and worthy of consideration; somebody had to play them. Just consider yourself lucky that you did not have to do so, or perhaps didnt owe it to God, or did not qualify, but don’t ignore them, either.

Most people who write anti-Adamski things are space people, anyhow, who have limited negative missions. don’t fall into that trap, now that you are warned!

May, 1981 Laura Mundo